School of Management, CMR University Bengaluru, Inaugurates Specialized Centre for Business Analytics Focused On Empowering Students To Solve Business Problems

CMR University Bengaluru, inaugurated the specialized Centre For Business Analytics – a Centre of Excellence of the School of Management, on 21 January 2021. This marks a significant step in the University’s focus on empowering students by taking them closer to the Industry and thereby introducing them to all the latest industry trends/techniques; whilst cultivating within students the real-world problem solving mindset.

The Centre For Business Analytics is also one of the many student-centric initiatives at the University dedicated to the cause of fostering Experiential Learning in Data Sciences and Business Analytics; where students would be involved in live projects.

Inaugurating the Centre For Business Analytics, Dr Aravind Kumar – Vice President – R&D, Optym, simplified Business Analytics for the CMR students who were also in attendance. He also described the various skills that graduating management students should possess to contribute to mitigation of issues. These skills include Relevant Data Capturing, Data Analysis Preparation techniques, Actual Data Analysis Techniques, Developing Business Insights, and Guiding Businesses in using the developed insights.

Students were also enlightened on different Data Analytics techniques such as Descriptive Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Prescriptive Analytics. These techniques are focused on creating value for businesses to drive significant outcomes. A real-world case study used here was Incentivization for the use of Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Detailing the activities of the Centre for Business Analytics, Dr. Sugant – Dean of the School of Management at CMR University threw light on the focus of the Centre which is to foster research and development in the areas of Data Sciences, Data Analytics, and Business Intelligence. He also invited students to the new experience within the Centre where innovative pedagogies viz. Experiential Learning and Design Thinking are applied in tandem with Business Analytics to solve real-world problems.

Dr. M Mathirajan – Advisor and Mentor of the Centre For Business Analytics, and Senior Professor, Chief Research Scientist, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, in his keynote address, offered valuable insights for students in terms of learning interdisciplinary subjects based on the areas of interest and thereby expand their knowledge and contribute to problem solving. He also stressed upon the fact of proactively taking up internships in the industry without monetary expectations.

Dr Vivek Rajapadmanabhan – Director at the School of Management, Dr Om Prakash – Associate Professor, CMR University were also present on the occasion.

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