Career Avenues For Budding Creative Writers

Today, writing is not restricted to mere formal communications. It has transcended boundaries and is now considered as art – “The Art of expressing”. This has led to Writing even being termed as the “Voice” of brands today. The increased emphasis on Writing – mainly Creative Writing has led to the opening up of newer opportunities for people to take up full-time careers in the domain. 

Creative Writing is the art of writing from multiple perspectives (infusion of creativity of the writer) rather than following the straight-bat approach of communication. Unconventionality is given importance in Creative Writing. Lateral Thinking is a mandate for Creative Writers. For budding Creative  Writers, there are now a plethora of academic programmes at the college levels (and some at the school level itself) to begin the process of setting up the foundation to excel at careers. Apart from taking up jobs, creative writers also have immense opportunities to take up entrepreneurship. With career and entrepreneurship being the criteria, check out below options (and sectors) that promise both professional growth and lucrativeness:

Ad Agencies
Focus on creative content is now at an all-time high. Language skills are a priority. With these in mind, ad agencies constantly seek creative writers to work on varied projects. Copywriters are also in huge demand here. Key result areas for writers are to churn out content which when presented on larger media captures eyeballs whilst maintaining intact the voice of the brand. Careers at these agencies are generally lucrative as well; apart from potential opportunities for professional growth.

The World Of Cinema
Cinema is a large canvas; so are the opportunities for creative writers. Modern-day cinema has transcended boundaries and is now influencing global narratives. This presents a huge opportunity for writers to get involved with multiple cinematic aspects such as scriptwriting, storyboard development, screenplay writing, and even composing the entire plot of a film. With exposure at an all-time high, creative writers have immense opportunities to rub shoulders with the who’s who from many worlds. Cinema production houses have now turned to recruit students from campuses of schools where filmmaking/creative writing are taught as academic subjects. Careers in the world of cinema are generally lucrative.

Modern-day writers can look at white-collar jobs. With today’s corporates being focussed on brand identities more than ever, writers through their creativity are in high demand across both the services as well as Research & Development (R&D) sectors globally. Even Fortune 500 companies are on the constant lookout for creative writers to help create exclusive brands and thereby develop a voice for these brands. 

Creative writers also have ample opportunities to collaborate with other content creators such as YouTube channel partners, and the television industry. Video content invariably requires written scripts – this is where creative writers and copywriters come in handy with their creative writing skills.  Hence, these collaborations open up new opportunities for growth as well as lucrativeness.

Leveraging the Gig Economy
Demand for independent writers has gone up tenfold in the post-pandemic scenario. Clients from across the globe seek gig workers to work on varied writing projects ranging from ghostwriting to even writing books/novels and copywriting. Then, with the number of self-employed professionals also steadily increasing, the scope for freelance writing work is also on the rise. Hence, it is only advantageous for creative writers to leverage the gig economy and work on potential big-ticket projects. 

The best part of being a creative writer is that opportunities for entrepreneurship are immense. Creative writers can have their own startups offering a host of writing /content services. Creative writer entrepreneurs also have a plethora of opportunities to write engaging blogs to present their view to a global audience. With creativity transcending borders, creative writing is also beyond boundaries. Writers taking up global projects enjoy a financial advantage as well.

In summary, creative writing has a lot of potentials for writers to build lucrative careers. However, the field has fallen prey to myths that have discouraged youth from considering career options. With Writing today being a passion of the vast majority, time is now ripe to follow one’s passion and creatively contribute to causes.


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