Beginner’s Guide To A Job Application Email

After you have graduated from college and are considering applying to jobs, it becomes imperative that you craft presentable emails that not only communicate information within your resume to the recruiter but also help build an impression about yourself and the skill sets that you possess. These become vital for you to land that dream job that you have been seeking. Now, a neatly crafted email should obviously incorporate vital information about your skill sets and your fit for the job, but it should at the same time not have certain elements that could lead to recruiters not paying attention to your profile. 

Incorrectly worded sentences
While you write to recruiters, ensure that your writing always speaks to them. Here, avoid unclear/incorrect sentences. Pay attention to grammar and language. These are vital in today’s corporate world. Clear sentences always tend to give off positive vibes about yourself. In case you are not sure of what to write in the email (to be sent to recruiters with your Resume enclosed), take time off and research; but ensure that language hygiene checks are done diligently.

Informal communication and language errors
As stated above, your email should speak to the recruiters about how you fit in for a particular job. Before applying to jobs through email, spend time reading the job description and finding out if there is a fit for your skill sets/profile. If you think that you deserve the job, attach your Resume in an email and compose text in the body such that your skills are professionally reflected to the hiring manager.

Use formal language for communication. Avoid colloquial interjection. Ensure that your writing in the email turns out to be a reflection of your professionalism – to grab the attention of recruiters; a sizable majority of whom see you as a potential candidate for their job roles through your business-like email. Here, ensure that you do not put in unnecessary information and sound unprofessional while these are being cross-checked personally.

Proofing errors
After you have attached your Resume and typed a cover letter indicating your fit for a job, read the entire email and eliminate proofing errors. Job application emails with proofing errors irks recruiters more than anything else. This could lead to your application being put on hold, and not reaching the intended hiring managers at the right time; even though you have a good profile with matching skill sets.

If you think that you don’t have time for manually proofing your job application email, use automated third-party tools to eliminate mistakes, and thereby making your email look clean and professional.

As a fresh graduate applying to jobs, you need to state how you fit in for a particular job and not appeal to recruiters to consider you for the job. Craft your covering letter without inducing emotion/concern. Any sort of appeal is a strict no-no and puts recruiters off who might even blacklist your profile from their company database forever. 

Hence, ensure that you write a business-like cover letter with emphasis on your job fit and skill sets. Be precise and do not deviate from the subject. 

The above aspects, in tandem with a professional resume, should ensure that you land your dream job even earlier than expected. Exercise both caution and restraint while you send out job application emails to recruiters/hiring managers.

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