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If you are looking to kickstart your career in communication design, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will be sharing valuable insights, tips, and resources to help you navigate the world of communication design. Whether you are interested in pursuing a degree at one of the top communication design colleges in India or want to explore opportunities at a communication design university, we have got you covered.

What is Communication Design?

communication design | communication design colleges in india

Communication design is the visual and textual representation of ideas and information. It involves creating designs that effectively convey the intended message to the target audience using various media such as graphic design, typography, illustration, and photography.

An example of communication design is the famous Apple Inc. logo, which is simple, memorable, and recognizable. Another example is the Coca-Cola logo, which is universally recognized and is often associated with joy and happiness.

One of the most iconic advertisements of all time is the Nike “Just Do It” campaign. The ads featured athletes and celebrities wearing Nike apparel while inspiring viewers to push their limits and “just do it.” This campaign helped establish Nike as a major player in the sports apparel industry and is still used today.

Another impactful advertisement is the “Think Different” campaign by Apple, which featured innovative and influential individuals such as Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi. This campaign helped position Apple as a company that values creativity and innovation.

Overall, communication design has a significant impact on marketing and branding, and it’s important for students to understand its role and importance in the field of design and advertising.

Trending Communications Design courses

  • Graphic Communication Design

graphic communication design | graphic design colleges in bangalore

Graphic Communication Design is a specialized field of visual communication design that focuses on creating effective visual content such as branding, editorial publications, packaging, and advertising. It utilizes various graphic design principles, typography, and advanced software tools to communicate ideas, emotions, or information to a broad audience. Graphic design colleges in Bangalore offer courses on Graphic Communication Design, where students learn skills such as typography, layout design, colour theory, and image-making. To succeed in this field, students need to develop skills such as creativity, attention to detail, problem-solving, and communication. Pursuing a course in Graphic Communication Design can prepare students for a range of exciting Graphic Design Career Opportunities in various design and media industries.

  • Interaction Design

Interaction Design is essentially designing and shaping how people interact with technology. It involves creating user-friendly interfaces, considering user needs and experiences, and ensuring seamless communication between the user and technology. To study Interaction Design, understanding user behaviour, user research, prototyping, and design thinking methods is essential. Strong communication, visual design, and problem-solving skills, as well as proficiency in design tools like Sketch and Adobe Creative Suite, are also necessary.

  • Art and Illustration design

Art and Illustration design is a creative course that focuses on visual communication. It involves creating artwork and illustrations for various purposes, such as advertising, books, and magazines. Communication design types like graphic design and digital media are also part of this course. To excel in this field, students need skills like drawing, painting, digital illustration, and a good understanding of design principles. Their creativity, imagination, and communication skills will be essential too.

  • Web and Application Design

Web and App Design is a course that focuses on creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites and mobile applications. It involves learning various design principles, typography, color theory, and layout techniques. Additionally, the course emphasizes the importance of communication design, which involves effectively conveying information through visuals. Skills needed for this course include creativity, problem-solving, attention to detail, and an understanding of user experience (UX) design.

  • UI/UX Design

best ui ux design course | b.des. ui/ux design

UI/UX Design stands for User Interface/User Experience Design. It focuses on the visual and interactive aspects of digital products such as websites or apps, in order to create a positive experience for users. The goal is to make sure that the product is easy to use, intuitive and provides a seamless experience.

To pursue a career or a course in UI/UX Design, you will need to have strong skills in design, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration. It is also important to be familiar with design software like Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma. If you’re interested in studying UI/UX Design, you can consider, such as a B.Des. in UI/UX Design, or a B.Des. in Communication Design with a focus on UI/UX Design. 

  • Information Design

An Information Designer is a professional who specializes in presenting complex information in a clear and visually appealing manner. They use various design principles, data visualization techniques, and communication strategies to create effective and engaging visual materials such as charts, infographics, and diagrams. To pursue a course in Information Design, skills in graphic design, data analysis, visual communication, and critical thinking are essential. Proficiency in software tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and data visualization platforms is also beneficial.

  • Visual Communication Design

visual communication design | best visual communication design colleges in india

Visual Communication Design is a field that involves the creation of visual content to convey messages, ideas, and information. It encompasses various mediums such as graphic design, typography, photography, illustration, and animation. The goal is to effectively communicate with the audience through visual elements. To pursue a course in visual communication design, skills such as creativity, artistic ability, understanding of design principles, proficiency in software tools, knowledge of branding and marketing, and strong communication skills are essential.

  • Print Media Design

Print Media Designing involves the creation of visual materials for various printed media, such as brochures, magazines, posters, and newspapers. To excel in this field, students need to have a strong understanding of graphic design principles, colour theory, typography, and layout composition. Proficiency in design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is also essential. Additionally, creativity, attention to detail, and the ability to meet deadlines are crucial skills for print media designers.


To sum up, pursuing a Bachelor of Communication Design is an excellent choice for anyone aspiring to have a career in the design industry. The course offers a comprehensive curriculum that equips students with diverse skills in graphic design, web design, photography, and advertising, among others. Graduates become highly competent, creative, and versatile designers who can work in different sectors, including advertising, marketing, publishing, and web design, among others.For those interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Communication Design, CMR University is an excellent choice. With experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, students gain hands-on experience in various fields like advertising, publishing, animation, and digital media. CMR University provides students with a comprehensive curriculum to prepare them for a successful career in the design industry.

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