With today’s education system getting smart thanks to the deeper penetration of next-gen technology, it becomes inevitable that teachers also become smarter and apply newer teaching methodologies such that education is imparted in a comparatively hassle-free manner whilst stimulating the intelligence quotient amongst students to enable them to become ”Life-Long Learners.” The need of the hour is to smartly train the next-gen teachers who could in-turn develop the skillsets required to train students in a VUCA world with modern methods of teaching. The M.A. in Education academic program represents the right step in the regard of making smart teachers such that they are well-equipped with scientific methodologies to enable learning and empower students with the right knowledge. 

Importance of the M.A. Education program in the Indian education context

Aim of the Masters of Arts in Education program is to empower teachers to cultivate a whole new generation of learners who are not just brilliant academically, but also develop life-ready skills to face challenges head-on and propose smart solutions to mitigate these problems. The M.A. Education academic program, offered at tier-1 universities in India such as CMR University Bengaluru (offering M.A. Education through a dedicated School of Education), focuses on empowering teachers with the right pedagogies such that they are better equipped to train students through these. Hence, teachers are exposed to the right teaching methodologies through the program. 

Apart from empowering teachers, the M.A. Education program (offered at universities like CMR University) is also targeted at curriculum developers, education policy analysts, and Principals of Schools to enable them to gain significant expertise on the emerging trends in education and teaching methodologies along with developing research capabilities. As these are drivers of potential shifts/upward surges in the education sector, teachers invariably gain significant understanding of new-age practices and develop a research mindset – all of which benefit the Indian education sector greatly. 

Driving growth is also another key feature of the M.A. in Education academic program. This is in tandem with the skills that stimulate innovative practices across perspectives – philosophical, psychological, cultural, political, social, historical, and economical. As the competence of teachers is enhanced through these innovative practices, the M.A. Education program at the school of Education becomes relevant to today’s paradigm shift in the way learning has been taking place (learning during the recent pandemic scenario is an illustration here). 

Hence, with smartness, and equipping modern-day educators with the right pedagogies required to drive a revolution in the Indian education scheme of things, the M.A in Education academic program continues to gain in relevance. A whole new generation of smart teachers are waiting in the wings to take the country to even greater heights with modern methods of teaching


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