These days, earning a Master of Business Management degree, popularly known as MBA degree seems to be a sure-shot way of pursuing a highly successful career. MBA in Marketing is one of the oldest disciplines in management. It is also one of the most sought-after courses. You can call marketing the heart of any organisation. MBA in Marketing involves the activities organised by a company in order to promote and sell a product or a service. An MBA degree in Marketing will educate students about sales, marketing strategies, market research, consumer behaviour and product management.

With more and more students leaning towards an MBA in Marketing, it has become one of the most popular
streams in MBA. Some of the most popular career prospects after completing an MBA in Marketing

  1. Brand Manager: A brand manager segments the customers and selects the target customers for a particular product or service. They use various methods such as demographic geographic and behavioural studies to finalise the target group.
  2. Sales Manager: Sales is one of the most important parts of marketing. In fact, sales can be called as the end result of marketing activities. The sales manager of an organisation has to set targets and monitor the distribution and sales of a product/service.
  3. Marketing Manager: The marketing manager of an organisation comes up with the marketing strategies for the year. He also plans the marketing activities and ensures that it is executed properly.
  4. Market Research Analyst: A market research analyst collects data, analyses the data and coordinates with the marketing team in evolving marketing strategies.

The School of Management – CMR University is one of the Top Universities in Bangalore, offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Business and Management. The university offers MBA in Business Analytics with specialisations in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management (HRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). The objective of this programme is to prepare the students to be industry-ready by giving them hands-on experience. This programme is a dual specialisation with one programme being Business Analytics and the second one being Finance/Marketing/HRM/SCM.

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