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Campus Curriculum

Entering Early Into The Entrepreneurship Curriculum: Discussing the Scope of Entrepreneurship in Campus Curriculum

Stepping onto a college campus is often compared to entering a world brimming with opportunities. While many students delve into...
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Computer science M Tech

Launch Your Data Science Career at CMR University’s M.Tech CSE Program.

Every company needs a data scientist! According to recent reports, there is an expected increase of 36% in employment opportunities...
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5 Reasons to Consider a BBA LLB Integrated Course

Are you someone who’s interested in the legal field and has a knack for business? Then, BBA-LLB is an ideal...
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Product Design

Why Product Design Colleges Matter: Investing in Your Future?

In a world driven by aesthetics, functionality, and user experience, product design has never been more vital. From the smartphone...
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