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A Smart Product Manager

How To Become A Smart Product Manager, To “Make In India”

With Make in India today making rapid strides, startups have rapidly mushroomed across the country. They have been functioning with the sole aim of creating new products/finding newer-advanced solutions to solve at least one layer of issues that plague end...

/ March 5, 2021

Creativity, Art, and Storytelling as a career option

Storytelling is essentially an art of putting thoughts into words. This is also a medium that is considered as a conventional form of creativity. With “creativity” being the focal point, how about opting-in for creativity as a career? With this...

/ February 22, 2021

Opportunities for startups post pandemic in the new normal

With the effects of the pandemic slowly receding, economies the world over have been opening up as well. However, there is the “new normal” that has become a part of life. In this new way of life, with markets gradually...

/ February 8, 2021

Positive Impact During the Pandemic Crisis

The New Year is here and has got everybody looking forward to finding answers to one common question – “Will Covid disappear in 2021?” With locally manufactured vaccines set to hit the markets and hospitals sooner than expected and with...

/ January 30, 2021

Getting back to class with neo-normal learning

With students now having to get back to classes albeit online, academics has begun in full swing virtually. Students have something to cheer about considering the fact that the process of conventional academic learning has begun despite the after-effects of...

/ January 22, 2021

Remote learning tips & tricks for students

The COVID-19 has completely altered life around the world, with online classes, remote learning and social distancing being the new normal. Though remote learning seems to be convenient for many, it comes with its own challenges. With regular classroom learning,...

/ December 30, 2020