Storytelling is essentially an art of putting thoughts into words. This is also a medium that is considered as a conventional form of creativity. With “creativity” being the focal point, how about opting-in for creativity as a career? With this being said and done, storytelling as a career does exist, but has now got the required platform and medium that enhance its scope whilst inspiring more people to take up careers which align with their passion and also driving educational institutions globally to include storytelling as a key component in their academic curricula. 

An enmasse rise in the number of storytellers, artists

In the last couple of years, there has been an exponential rise in the number of people taking to open-source online platforms to convey their thoughts/feelings. This is evident when we consider the fact that the number of people taking up creative careers like writing blogs/developing videos/taking up graphical designing rose more than ever. This trend also prompted a lot of startups to take root to offer a platform for budding writers to showcase their thoughts through stories to the world. 

Not only the written word, storytelling through digital space via videos, design, graphics has also been on the rise ever since the pandemic forced most people to stay indoors. The rise in the number of new YouTube channels is perfect testimony to this aspect.

Then, there have been people with a penchant for good stories. This is encapsulating all the forms viz written, graphics, and video content forms. 

Demand for storytellers is only slated to rise in the new normal

Now, with a disruption in the digital space, storytellers are now highly sought after not just to work on film scripts but also corporate companies looking at building their own brands along with that of their clients. The art of putting words to thoughts has started turning lucrative more than ever, and the various social platforms along with that of open source apps are to be thanked.

With the new normal having showcased the importance of staying connected meaningfully, storytellers have multiple pathways to choose and derive monetary benefits as well. 

Educational institutions globally have begun giving increasing importance to storytelling – especially in their Filmmaking curricula. Then, there are custom-made “Writing” and “Content Developmentacademic programmes where storytelling is a prerequisite albeit in varied forms. 

Hence, with storytelling now witnessing a gradual second coming as far as careers are concerned, it is now time to assess what thoughts need to be put onto paper. Creation of narratives (positive ones) is also a byproduct of efficient storytelling. With this, do create the right narratives and build positive stories to go that extra creative mile.  


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