Positive Impact During the Pandemic Crisis

The New Year is here and has got everybody looking forward to finding answers to one common question – “Will Covid disappear in 2021?” With locally manufactured vaccines set to hit the markets and hospitals sooner than expected and with people’s health awareness on an all-time high, the virus could realistically be shown the door like some of its predecessors such as Polio, Smallpox, and Plague. Keeping this  positivity and hope as the focal point, let us look at what Covid changed in the last year, and probably forever.

Not every Covid-induced change is negative

Yes, Covid induced a lot of changes in society, but some of these have been for good as well. One of these aspects is “personal hygiene”. Then, there is the aspect of fighting tough times, with the help of  technology. Technology became the enabler of all vital processes be it shopping, learning, teaching, connecting with loved ones, and even work. 

Technology dominated human lives during the pandemic and continues to do so even in the new year. Popular app-based platforms, including that of e-learning services reported record spikes in the number of users signing up for their services. 

Online learning has become a passion among people globally. Virtual learning or tuition classes have become a rage amongst parents looking at enrolling their children into a continuous learning process. With full-fledged classroom teaching now taking place through online or virtual platforms, the new way of learning has become a rage. This, by far, has been one of the most positive changes that the pandemic has forced upon. 

Then, staying connected has become yet another priority. Distance mode is the new normal ever since the pandemic induced changes in the lives of people. Technology has served as a great enabler as far as staying connected is concerned. Families, located in different parts of the world, have come closer than ever before through technology enablement. Also, Open source platforms are being harnessed optimally.

What next?

With positivity and hope in the lives of people here to stay, online learning  viewed as a bane earlier is now a new normal to which parents and students have adapted. The key takeaways, here, are finding alternatives even in the most difficult situations. 

The new year promises a new ray of hope not only in the form of Covid vaccinations, but also in the form of positive mindsets in the people. This is potentially the biggest change in the new year.

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