While both visual communications and graphic design use visual elements like colour, typography, and images to express ideas and messages, the phrases are not interchangeable. With definite distinctions between the two, it’s crucial to be aware of these differences, particularly if you plan to work in either field.

What is Visual Design?

A creative process called visual design seeks to create visually appealing designs that successfully convey a message or idea by utilising different design components such as colours, typography, and images. It includes several disciplines, including graphic design, web design, and user interface design. The primary goal of visual design is to convey a concise and clear message while providing the viewer with a compelling visual experience.

Visual design is crucial in marketing and product design because it draws in potential customers and influences their purchasing decisions. Visual design, upon proper execution, has the potential to leave a lasting impression on customers and increase brand devotion and awareness. Hence it is essential to contemporary product design and marketing. If you are interested in visual design CMR School Of Design has a bachelor of visual communication design course.  For more information, get in touch with the college directly.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design uses visual elements like typography and graphics to communicate messages and ideas to a target audience. Publishing, branding, marketing, advertising, etc., industries  use it frequently. To establish a distinctive brand and connect with its target market, businesses and people need a graphic designer to build logos, brochures, websites, social media graphics, and other communication materials.

For individuals and organizations looking to make a long-lasting impact in their fields, graphic design serves as an essential tool. Companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors and make it easy for their target audience to recognize and interact with them by using graphic designs. It can be used on various channels such as social media, traditional marketing, and other online platforms. CMR School of Design along with a visual design course also includes a course called bachelor in graphic design. The application process and course details are available on their website. 

Graphic Design vs Visual Design

Visual design and graphic design are two related but separate fields of study. Although both require using visual components to convey thoughts and ideas, they have different foci and objectives.

The main focus of the graphic design is producing particular visual assets, including logos, brochures, posters, or product packaging. It entails the application of font, colour, pictures, and layout to produce compelling designs that convey a definite message or idea. Graphic designers frequently work within rigid brand guidelines and constraints to develop visual assets that support a brand’s values and messaging.

Visual design concerns more about the overall look and feel of an object, product, or experience.  It involves integrating several design elements to produce aesthetically pleasing artwork and engaging while also expressing a notion or idea, example – colour, typography, layout, and images. The aesthetic appeal of a product or experience plays a big part in luring and keeping users, hence the visual design is widely employed in industries including web design, product design, and user interface design.

Generally, both graphic and visual designs use visual elements to convey ideas and messages, while graphic design focuses on creating precise visuals such as logos or posters, etc., visual design is concerned with producing unified and compelling designs for objects, experiences, and environments.

Visual Designer Job Description and Career Opportunities 

A visual designer is in charge of developing visually appealing and captivating designs for various experiences and goods. By employing their design experience and technical understanding to select appropriate design elements like typography, colour, and images, they ensure that designs adhere to brand norms and standards. Web design, user interface design, product design, and branding are among the visual communication design jobs. It’s quite important to have a degree in graphic design or a closely related field, a great portfolio, and design software expertise and tools.

Graphic Designer Job Description and Career Opportunities

The task of creating visual material for print, internet, and multimedia channels falls to the graphic designer. With the aid of design knowledge and resources, they create designs that represent a specific message or concept. Advertising, marketing, publishing, branding, and other professions are all possible careers in graphic design. It’s frequently important to have a degree in graphic design or a closely related field, a great portfolio, and design software expertise and tools.


In order to help people and organisations effectively communicate their ideas and messages through visual components, it should be remembered that both graphic and visual design are crucial. Students enrolled in the Visual Communication and Graphic Design degree programme at the CMR School of Design receive a thorough overview of both disciplines, allowing them to concentrate on their areas of interest. Graduates of the programme can pursue a wide range of careers, including those in branding, product design, web design, graphic design, and visual design. By establishing a strong foundation in design principles, technical competence, and creativity, students can achieve success in the intriguing and dynamic world of visual communication and design.


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