Exploring Life at CMR University Bengaluru

The CMRU is made up of academic communities from various countries, cultures, and backgrounds who have come together to provide an enriching educational experience. Act 45 of 2013 established it as a private university.

The University offers much more than education in a variety of disciplines, including engineering, law, architecture, design, commerce, economics, management, education, humanities, social science, and science studies, with a vision of “to nurture creative thinkers who will drive positive global change.”

  • Campus Life

The CMR University campus, which spans 60 acres, meets LEED green building certification standards. CnT architects, an award-winning architecture firm, designed the state of the earth campus.

The concept includes a cutting-edge campus with world-class amenities, as well as a residential neighbourhood with housing for students and staff. The environment enables learners to interact while also encouraging cross-disciplinary learning.

It is also the top private university in Karnataka because of the separate grounds for different sports and the international level indoor sports complex.

  • Build Your Life Skills

The CMR Group of Institutions’ life skill institute provides training to students as well as teaching and non-teaching staff who contribute to the institution’s growth. It instills future generations enduring ideals that will help them grow into better people.

Communication skills, finishing school skills, and aptitude are woven into the normal coursework to help pupils develop their personalities. It aids pupils in increasing their employability scores. As a result, the transfer from campus to the business world is seamless and painless.

The effective utilization of innovative techniques and technology is instilled in the teaching personnel. The use of ground-breaking methods, such as flipped classrooms, helps to exceed Gen-Y students’ expectations.

Aside from that, non-teaching and administrative units are given frequent training to help them reach their full potential in their jobs.

  • Explore More About Extracurricular Activities

The University offers a transforming experience through skill enhancement programmes, as well as a variety of learning possibilities. The University provides a variety of extracurricular activities, including:

  • Interdisciplinary education
  • Leadership, mentorship and training
  • Community and social impact
  • Communication and writing

As you search among the top degree colleges in Bangalore, CMRU would be one of the best choices.

  • Well Built Infrastructure

The campus of CMRU is functional, with supplied harmonized comfort that allows academicians to meet their various needs. As a result, it has enough space and cutting-edge IT facilities that operate through secure and high-speed internet connections.

The various amenities include:

  • Conference room
  • Computer center
  • Library
  • Well built classrooms with LCD projectors
  • Rapid prototyping lab

Aside from that, the computing resources are adequate for performing online exams with decent connectivity. CMRU is also one of the greatest private institutions in Karnataka since individual panel rooms and conference places are equipped with Wi-Fi connections for conducting personal interviews and group discussions.

  • Professional Academicians

During the bachelor’s degree programme, one must have professional experience in addition to formal knowledge. Academicians who are professional veterans in the field can help students achieve their goals.

With the assistance of expert academicians, CMRU assists students in developing real-time perspectives. The University is made up of industry experts and seasoned academicians who strive to make the learning process enjoyable for students.

  • Top Campus Placements

The director and senior professors oversee the training and placement center. CMRU Placements cell comprehends the actions of the corporate world and assists students in their job preparation. The University provides a variety of aptitude and soft skill training programme

Some of the highlights include:

  • Extensive focus on the internship
  • Offers training for different competitive examinations
  • Focus on the employability skills
  • Nurtures the creativity and knowledge
  • Drives You Toward Corporates

CMRU’s internship programme provides students with the opportunity to get important on-the-ground experience. It assists pupils in increasing their self-confidence while also improving their core competencies.

Students are educated to deal with real-time difficulties in a competitive atmosphere during their final semester internships at the university. This exercise allows the learner to exhibit their understanding of ethical duties while also improving their problem-solving abilities. It encourages students to pursue careers in business and prepares them for the future.

Furthermore, the University has a student empowerment programme that helps to develop leaders. One of the reasons CMR Institution is a top university in Bangalore is because of this.

Choose CMRU To Explore More Opportunities In Your Life 

Most students choose CMRU over other prominent universities. Commitment, conviction, consistency, inventiveness, credibility, reliability, and innovation are the foundations around which the University is built. This university should be considered for establishing one’s career path because of its innovative teaching pedagogies and industry-compliant academic programme.

To live the life of CMRians, make sure you drop in to the campus today

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