Furniture Design Courses in Bangalore


Taking up new courses after finishing the school-level examinations happens to be the need of every student. Nowadays, with the advent of various non-conventional courses, the popularity of design courses is rising at an alarming rate. These courses allow the students to bring up their creativity while emphasizing smart techniques.

The best part is one can land the best offers from various industries only after completing the course. Various renowned institutions offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma courses the same.

Students who are willing to work with innovation in creativity can look in this area as there are numerous career options in designing courses.


About Course

Our bachelor’s degree in furniture designing courses in Bangalore is affiliated with CMR University, Karnataka. Students can choose the course, to develop practical skills while working on realistic and exciting furniture design projects.

Why is Furniture Design so popular?

Key highlights of our Furniture Design course:

  • We able to interpret different design briefs
  • Understand techniques and materials
  • Ability to analyze consumers and market
  • Create technical production drawing
  • Ability to communicate the design in both 3D and 2D modules
  • Produce a finished model of the design

We, being one of the best furniture design colleges in India, offer students a multi-disciplinary career. From interior designing to production design, our course covers every aspect to let one start their career with the best company.



Students who look forward to pursuing furniture design courses would not have to wait to get their dream job. The course will help them to learn the needed skills to work in any furniture design company. Listed below are some of the career opportunities that one can choose.

  • Crafts and furniture designer
  • Interior decorator
  • Product innovator and researcher
  • Furniture conservator or restorer and many more

Why Study With Us?

We happen to be the best product design college in Bangalore. We let our students achieve the design thinking approach to help them get the idea of innovative designs and come up with diverse unique concepts.

We help the students to create a balance between the text to concept and the practical usage. Prioritizing hands-on experience is our sole motive. The students get a proper insight into the furniture designing industry through various events and experimental projects.

Above all, the library and lab facilities help the students in every stage of learning the course. The commendable track record of placement lets our students be successful in their careers right after the completion of the course. We offer counseling facilities and help students to choose the right career path. Our college has tie-ups with various recruitment agencies that let the students get successful placements.