Workshop/ Webinar


Title: Modeling Machine Learning Applications using MATLAB
Time: 11:00 to 12:30 PM
Day: Saturday.
Date: 02.05.2020.
Organized by: Dept. of E.C.E., in association with the Corel Technologies.


This workshop/webinar is designed to introduce the nuances of machine learning, and as a tool in the field of engineering/economics/social sciences, etc. The speaker attempts to touch upon the fundamentals of machine learning, followed by some example applications.

Agenda of the program.

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning,
  2. Using K-Means to find natural patterns in Data,
  3. Choosing the Best Classification Model,
  4. Regression Analysis with MATLAB, 
  5. Deploying Machine Learning Application: Basketball Player Classification, Fuel Economy Prediction, etc. 

SpeakerShashi Kumar J. K., Corel Technologies.

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The number of seats for this workshop/webinar is limited to 80.  Hurry up, register at the earliest.

We issue the participation certificate in softcopy form to all the registered participants and share the link to submit your feedback shortly after the conclusion of the event. To promote active participation in the workshop/webinar, we have decided to issue the certificates only upon the receipt of the feedback from the participants.

We hope that this workshop/webinar will help you to understand the potentials of Machine Learning via a computational tool like MATLAB, and to solve problems through ideation, experimentation, and innovation in your chosen areas.

Please feel free to contact the workshop/webinar helpdesk over email ( Upon the registration, you will receive a confirmation mail and a note on the software app to be installed. Please follow the instructions and install the software well in advance. Once again, we from the organizers welcome you all to participate in the workshop/webinar, learn, understand, apply, and share your knowledge with others.

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