CMR University Bengaluru rated amongst "Perfect Workplaces For Women in 2022" by Artificial Intelligence
Registration and Certification, U.K.

CMR University Bengaluru receives "5-star ratings" by Artificial Intelligence Registration and Certification, U.K., and
is now one of the "Best Places to Work" in 2022.

CMR University Bengaluru secures 40th position, in the 2021 Global Impact Rankings by R World Institutional Ranking,
for contributing towards Sustainable Development Goals of the Earth.

Ethos - Industrial Psychology Club

Ethos – Industrial Psychology Club

As the name suggests, it stands for the ‘spirit of character’ and encompasses what people have or aspire in terms of values, beliefs, ideals and artifacts. As such the aim of the Ethos Club is to epitomise the spirit of life and the uniqueness of character in all the CMR students. Ethos will conduct student debates, cultural programs, industrial and societal inclusion visits, expert speeches, exhibitions and awareness programs. Through the programs, the Ethos Club will spread the message of the strength of diversity in character and spirit in all CMRU students and how this strength can be injected to bring the best of student talent. The underlying themes for all the programs will be with respect to how psychology and psychological experiences help people to shape their individual outlook towards life in an all encompassing manner.



B.Tech Bagalur Campus - E257
B.Arch Bagalur Campus - E245


M.Tech Bagalur Campus - T987
MBA, City Campus - B150
MBA, Bagalur Campus - B395
MCA, Bagalur Campus - C521


B.Tech Programs, Bagalur Campus: E187
B.Arch Program, Bagalur Campus : E187(A)