Stem Cell Registry Drive

Presently it has become critical for India to support the increasing numbers of new patients of blood cancer, thalassemia and other blood related disorders being diagnosed daily and the hope-filled possibility of them getting a life-saving treatment with a stem cell transplant. In response to this need, Bangalore Medical Services Trust (BMST) initiated the Stem Cell Registry India (SCRI) project, supported by DKMS (German Stem Cell Registry), an international NGO dedicated to the fight against blood cancer. The aim of these organizations is to offer a second chance at life to patients seeking a life-saving stem cell donor. It was privilege for CMR University to play a role in giving second life chance for required patient by registering for the SCR drive.

SCRI works by creating awareness and a database of potential blood stem cell donors. To register / pledge, potential stem cell donors fill a consent form and give a cheek swab sample for doing their “tissue typing”. These donors are then on the registry till 60 years of age. If and when they ever come up as a “tissue match” with a patient, they could get the rare opportunity to give hope of a second chance at life to their genetic twin by donating their renewable blood stem cells through a safe process, like a blood platelet donation.

By Stem Cell Registry Drive we can support India to delete blood cancer. Currently there are very few Indians who are tissue-typed and available on registries to be searched as a match. This means that Indian patients today have a very low possibility of finding their life-saving genetic twin. A registered potential stem cell donor has 5% chance to be ever found as a match and be a “real hero” in their lifetime. This is because finding a “tissue match” is very, very rare and much more complex than blood group matching. We are happy to report that CMR University has facilitated SCRI registration drives as part of the community services.

Stem Cell Registry India Donor Drive was conducted by the School of Social Sciences and Humanities on 26/02/2019 at CMR University, City Campus under Corporate Social Responsibility. The awareness program regarding Stem Cell Registry was conducted and the broachers where distributed to the students. Enough time was given for students to discuss with their care takers and decide regarding donor ship. Nearly 41 potential students registered in this drive and accepted their contribution regarding deleting cancer.