“Strength is life, weakness is death.” — Swami Vivekananda

At CMR University, our vision is to nurture creative thinkers who will drive positive global change. The Physical Education Department (PED) helps us achieve this vision by training students to be in perfect physical and mental health through sports and other physical activities.

Our objective is to build competitive teams in sports like cricket, football, hockey, basketball, throw ball, badminton, shuttle badminton, tennis, table tennis, swimming, and others. Therefore, we have planned to develop our sports facilities and support the sportsmen to achieve their ambitions.

Apart from preferential admission to the University, talented sportsmen will be provided –

  • Accommodation in hostels
  • Coaching
  • Travel Allowance, reimbursement, and other support
  • Financial and academic support

For the full list of benefits and detailed eligibility criteria, please read the Sports Policy as given here.



  • Chancellor
  • Vice Chancellor
  • Registrar
  • Finance officer – (1)
  • Physical Education Director
  • UG – Director (1)
  • Prof – B.Tech (1)
  • G / PG. – Students- 01 (Boy)
  • G / PG – Students -01 (Girl)