School of Education - About Us

The School Of Education

The School of Education is the latest offering from the CMR University. We at SOE, believe in molding teachers, school leaders and education researchers that will transform the education canvas of India.

SOE aims to empower passionate educators with all the pedagogical and technological tools that will enable them in creating impactful and sustainable learning experiences that will in-turn produce globally responsible citizens of tomorrow. We use the principles of design thinking and data-driven instruction to discover the most effective and appropriate learning engagements.

Drawing inspiration from the legacy of the CMR Group of Institutions and the transformative Ekya Schools, the SOE strives to be the bedrock of high-quality education where we constantly push learning to be more engaging, constructive and holistic.


Our mission is to prepare teachers, school leaders and researchers to transform the Indian education system for the benefit of all learners.


Shape the future of education for India.