Submission Guidelines

CMRU JCLA Submission Guidelines

1.0 Title Formatting:

The title should be in Bold (Capitalize each word) with 16 size font, Times New Roman, Centre aligned.

2.0 Headings:

Headings should be bold in sentence case with 14 size font Times New Roman and left-aligned.

3.0 Content:

  1. Font: Times New Roman
  2. Font Size: 12Pts
  3. Line Spacing: 1.5 lines
  4. Margin: 1” (2.54 cm) from all sides
  5. Alignment: Justified

4.0 Foot Notes:

  1. Font: Times New Roman
  2. Font Size: 10 Pts
  3. Line Spacing: 1.0
  4. Alignment: Left

5.0 Citation Mode:

All the sources in the foot notes shall be strictly cited in accordance with Bluebook 20th Edn. format.

6.0 Miscellaneous:

  • All editorial correspondence and submission of articles should be addressed to the links provided on the website.
  • All submissions may be made by not more than two co-authors.
  • Once submitted the paper shall be perused on the following grounds:
    • The manuscript will be peer reviewed. The journal follows a double-blind peer- review process.
    • Depending on the reviewer’s recommendations, the submission may be accepted absolutely, accepted with changes or rejected completely.
    • In case the submissions are to be changed, the author shall do the needful in accordance with the instructions given and resend the same within the stipulated time.
    • The submission shall compulsorily undergo a plagiarism check. The plagiarism report, if more than 15%, will be a ground for complete rejection of the paper.

Once accepted the editorial board reserves all rights of publication and holds the copyright of the said work.