Training Programs

The employability integrated training modules start from the first semester onwards and include Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Technical, Soft skills and basic IT Programming Skills. During the pre-final and final years, all the schools and company specific training is conducted before the start of the campus recruitment drives. The Department of Common Core Curriculum at CMR University grooms students in multi-dimensional areas, thereby enabling them to effortlessly face the challenges of the corporate world and also become better human beings upon graduating from the campus. 

Pleasing personality, team skills, decision making capability, ability to think on feet, presentation skills, analytical bent of mind, innovation, communication skills, and positive attitude are certain qualities which the trainers of Life Skills Institute develop among the students.

English Language communication is a part of the curriculum and is taught along with other core subjects. The content of the first year is based on basic communication skills with activities that help motivate students in improving communication and presentation skills whilst developing self-confidence.

During the second and third years, the programme focuses on quantitative and verbal aptitude. Mock interviews and group discussions are regularly conducted. The trainers enable all students of the university to crack the selection process of top companies that visit the university for campus recruitment. 


The Training and Placement Centre provides assistance for students aspiring to crack different competitive examinations such as CAT, CMAT, and BANK PO exams. The pre-final and final year students are accorded extra grooming through special classes, and online tests.

Soft Skills For Employability

An all comprehensive programme – soft skill aims at enhancing the personality of the students right from the first semester. The programme also aims to:


  • Lay a strong foundation for students’ self-development
  • Develop the right attitude towards their personal, social and professional life.
  • Enable students to strengthen their interpersonal skills and work effectively in a team
  • Empower students in decision making and conflict resolution with a win – win attitude.
  • Prepare students to meet the requirements of the corporate world by imparting employability skill training which includes video profile, and  professional etiquette.

Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning:

This programme imbibes the ability to apply basic concepts of mathematics coupled with analytical reasoning skills to solve problems. The programme is also aimed at:


  • Sharpening general mental ability and basic numeracy.
  • Developing logical reasoning and analytical ability.
  • Equipping students with techniques and tricks to perform data interpretation accurately.

Verbal Aptitude

The programme aims at equipping students with the ability to understand and reason out texts using concepts. Other objectives of the programme include:


  • Developing constructive thinking skills and underlying verbal logic.
  • Enriching vocabulary.
  • Equipping students with speed reading, comprehension, and critical reasoning abilities.
  • Strengthening grammar and improving linguistic proficiency.
  • Placements. 
  • Competitive exams for higher studies like GRE, GMAT, CAT, XAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, and more.
  • Government and Banking sector exams.

Training specific Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course students: 


  • Acquire interpersonal skills and develop into effective goal-oriented team players.
  • Develop professionalism with idealistic, practical, and moral values.
  • Acquire communication and problem solving skills.
  • Build a strong base in fundamental mathematical concepts. 
  • Grasp approaches and strategies to solve problems with speed and accuracy.
  • Master fundamental grammatical rules for effective and flawless use of the English language.