Placement FAQs 2022

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by Students:

The Placement initiatives at CMR University are aimed at providing best opportunities in the corporate sector to students according to their ability. Students are advised to read through the following FAQs carefully:

Companies seeking to recruit fresh graduates visit the University (virtual / in-person), to  conduct recruitment drives to recruit final-year students. 

In a given academic calendar, campus recruitment begins at the beginning of the penultimate semester. It starts in the month of August and goes on till the end  of the academic year and even beyond sometimes. 

Only those students who meet the eligibility criteria specified by the companies,  can participate. 

Students interested in the campus placements should register themselves with  the placement department. Student enrolments are announced at  the end of the pre-final year. The enrolment is done online where students receive an email invitation and  are advised to fill up the registration form within the stipulated time. 

Various companies have varied eligibility criteria. However, the University has a  standardised criteria for participating in campus recruitments. The Placement  Policy is published every year before the campus recruitment season. Students are advised to refer to the placement policy and guidelines.

The following are the stages of recruitment: 

Pre-placement discussion

Aptitude Test/Technical Test (Online/Pen and Paper) 

Group Discussion 

Technical Interviews / Domain interviews 

Management round interviews 

HR Interviews 

General aptitude consists of Quantitates, Logical, Reasoning and Verbal  subjects 

Duration of the test varies, depending on the company.

Every company has set minimum marks section-wise or overall cut off for  shortlisting candidates.

Some companies consider negative marking for the overall score Candidates successful in  the aptitude test proceed to the next round of the  selection process. 

Group discussion is conducted to evaluate the students on the basis of  knowledge on current affairs, communication, leadership qualities and  group behaviour. 

Candidates successful in the group discussion proceed to the next round of the  selection process.

This is conducted to test the technical knowledge of the students. Questions are based on the basics of engineering subjects studied by the students. For students having completed certification courses, his/her knowledge in that  area is also tested.

HR interviews are conducted to evaluate soft skills and confidence.

It ensures that the company recruits candidates with sound technical knowledge; also possessing the ability to fit into the company and its culture.

College identity card. 

Updated RESUME in the given format (3 copies) 

Original and photocopies of mark sheets and other certification if any. ∙ 

2 passport size photographs. 

Students should be formally dressed and follow the prescribed code of conduct. 

Every student should be attired in formal wear. Students are advised to read the Placement Policy and guidelines.

Pre-placement training sessions start from the first semester onwards and go on till eligible students get placed within corporate organizations. Many of these  programs are conducted by Life Skills trainers on subjects like Aptitude, Life  Skills, Finishing School and Coding. 

You can visit the Placement webpage of CMR University for the list of  companies visiting the campus. 

Please refer to Placement Policy and Guidelines for more  inputs under Dream Company.

Three passport size color photographs. 

Photocopies and original certificates of SSC, 12th/Diploma and Engineering/Graduation/Post-Graduation. For any reason, if the mark sheet  of any semester has not been issued by the University, the provisional  mark sheet should be obtained from the college authorities. If the  originals of SSC, 12th/Diploma and Engineering/Graduation/Post Graduation are with the college authorities, photocopies of the same  should be carried.
. Three sets of your RESUME. It should look impressive with appropriate formatting and updates.

∙ Being well prepared for the campus placements; without being overconfident  and complacent. 

Giving utmost importance to punctuality; reaching the venue 30 minutes  before the scheduled time. 

Being well-groomed and professionally dressed in formal wear during the  entire process of the campus placements. 

Displaying the student identity card throughout the placement process.  Visiting the websites of the recruiting companies to be aware about the organization.

Switch off your mobile phones. 

Sign on the attendance sheet that is circulated on the day of campus  placements at the Institute; and also at other institutes during pool  campus. 

Be serious and attentive during the pre-placement talk. 

Maintain silence during the pre-placement talk and do not engage in  side-talk with fellow candidates.

Make a note of important points mentioned. There will be questions  during the HR interviews on what has been told during the pre placement talk. 

If the company speakers encourage you to ask questions at the end of  the talk, communicate in a responsible and intelligent manner. Clarify doubts (if any) only at the end of pre-placement talk and do not  interrupt the speakers during the pre-placement talk. 

Do not approach the company HR personnel directly. Always approach  the company HR through the college placement officer for any reason before  and after the campus placements (till you join the company). 

Switch off your mobile phones. 

Be seated in the classrooms quietly till the team comes to conduct the  aptitude test or technical test. 

Strictly avoid malpractices (like copying, discussing) during the tests. Do not get into arguments for any reason with the  supervisor/company representative present in the classroom. Carefully listen to, and comply with all instructions given by the person conducting the test. 

Be present at the stipulated time of declaration of results of the aptitude  test, group discussion and the final selection. 

Yes, immediately after coming out of the interview room, write down the  questions you were asked on a sheet of paper and submit the same to the  placement Department. This will help create a question bank for easy reference by others.

You can send an email to that shall be acknowledged on the  same working day / next day.