Literati 2020 - Literary fest organized by the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, CMR University - 25th February 2020

Literati 2020,the second annual,literary fest of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, CMR University was held  in the  CMR University city campus on 25thFebruary,2020.It’s an event conducted by  the students of B.A.(Hons.).The members of the literati club had made a great deal of planning quite in advance and so the events took off at the right time.

Here are some of the events :

  1. Shipwreck

This event was organized by Rejo, Roshan and Veena. Prof. Satrupaand Veenawere the judges of this event .The event was basically about a ship being wrecked and the participants played the role of a celebrity and had to portray the personality of the character being played and prove to the judges why he or she was worthy of being given the life jacket. It was conducted in 2 rounds.In the first round, the participant could play the role of any character as he or she wished and in the second round the participant was given a character to play and again prove why he or she deserved the life jacket within the duration of 5 minutes each.

The participants of this event were:

  1. Zubair (1st year B.A.)
  2. Tejas (3rd year B.A.)
  3. Noor (1st year M.Sc. Clinical Psychology)
  4. Suhas (1st year M.Sc.Clinical Psychology)

A bonus round had to be held for coming to a conclusion as to who would secure the 1st and 2nd place. All the participants had to perform together for about 3 to 4 minutes. The 1st place was secured by Zubair who gave an astonishing performance and the 2nd place was secured by Tejas for an equally good performance.


  1. Storyline

This fun event was organized by Shivangee, Leah, Mayura and Aditi.

The judges were Prof. Diprekha and Sayantika.

The participants in this event had to perform in a group of about 3 to 5 where each group was given a topic and 2 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes to perform. They basically had to tell a story where it would be started by one person and continued by the rest. The groups/participants of this event were:

  1. Kethan, Dhanush and Shadrock (duration: 3:37)
  2. Sadaf, Ibrahim and Cecil (duration: 3:22)
  3. Girish, Monish and Hemanth (duration: 3:15)
  4. Nayaab, Meer and Asma (duration: 3:40)
  5. Shreyaan, Prazas, Siddharth, Rahil and Rishabh

The first place was secured by Nayaab&group and the second place by Shreyaan and group.

  1. Open mic

The organisers of this event were Tara, Sreya, Rochelle and Ved. The judges were Prof. Farooq. andPrithvi.

The participants in this event were given a topic through random chits on spot and were supposed to talk, tell poetry, do stand-up comedy, enact etc. on it for a minute and a half for the first round and then for the second round they were given a time limit of a minute.

The participants were;

  1. David (B.A. 3rd year)
  2. Vishesh (B.A. 2nd year)
  3. Archana (B.A. 1st year)
  4. Adheena (B.A. 1st year)
  5. Geoffrey (B.A. 1st year)
  6. Sadaf (B.A. 1st Year)
  7. Evangeline (M.Sc.Clinical Psychology)
  8. Sohel (MSCClinical Psychology)
  9. Rejo (B.A. 1st year)
  10. Sameer (M.Sc. Clinical Psychology)
  11. Suhana (MSM.Sc. Clinical PsychologyC clinical psychology)

The winners of this event were Suhana who secured the first place and Rejo securing second.

  1. Drawing/Painting

This art event was organized by Asma, Kusum and Meer.Dr. Deeksha, Soujanya, and Thejaswere the judges of this event.

The participants were given an hour to portray their artistic creativity from 10am to 11am, conducted in the seminar hall. The topic was ‘your imaginary future or the past’. There were approximately 22 to 24 participants. Few of them are mentioned below.

  1. Avinash
  2. Matluanga
  3. Shamsh
  4. G
  5. Shivangee
  6. Shaheela
  7. Dheeraj
  8. Shravana
  9. Safia
  10. Rasmita
  11. Jothi
  12. Prashant
  13. Hocha
  14. David
  15. Abirami
  16. Steffi
  17. Younus
  18. Samreen
  19. Khadeeja Ali

The winners of this event wereAbhirami.B and Khadeeja Ali Muhammed.


  1. Extempore

This event was organized by Rasmita and Nandini.The judges were Dr. Arunima and Prithvi.

The participants in this event were given a topic to speak about for a minute without any pause.

The participants were;

  1. Bhavana (M.Sc.)
  2. Aadil Khan (B.B.A.(Hons.) 1st year)
  3. Shivangee (B.A.(Hons) 2nd year)
  4. Meer (B.A.(Hons) 1st year)
  5. Sophia
  6. TaskeenMeher (B.B.A.)
  7. Nayab Khan (M.Sc.)
  8. Sohel (M.Sc.)
  9. Sameer (M.Sc.)
  10. Vishesh
  11. Asma (B.A.(Hons.) 1st year)
  12. ShibiSuhana (M.Sc.)

Sohelsecured the first place and the second place was secured by ShibiSuhana.

  1. Mad Ads

This entertaining event was organized by Shreya, John and Nashith. The judges were Nashith and Aashika ma’am.

This was a group event where the teams were given a product on the spot and they had to advertise it in front of a live audience; the most creative and humorous ad would win and go for the qualifying round. 5 minutes were given for preparation and 2 minutes for presentation. The Dean of SSS&H and Pro VC presided over the whole event. There were 5 teams:

Team 1 (M.Sc.)

  1. Bhavana
  2. Shribhavam
  3. Suhanah
  4. Sohel
  5. Sameer

Team 2 (B.B.A.)

  1. SaqlainMushtaq
  2. Luqman
  3. Siddharth

Team 3 (M.Sc. HRDR)

  1. Israel
  2. Sonali
  3. Sharanya
  4. Shreya
  5. Madhurai

Team 5 (B.A.(Hons))

  1. Zubair
  2. Vinee
  3. Junaid (B.COM.(Hons.))

The winners of this event is Team 3 Israel, Sonali, Sharanya, Shreya and Madhurai (M.Sc. HRDM)


  1. Creative Writing

This event was organized by Divya.S, Divya.H and Suhas.The topic was “If I were to start a web series what would it be?” The participants were given an hour to write. They were judged based on creativity, uniqueness, vocabulary and language. There were about 17 participantsThe winners of this event were Shivangee and Abigail.

  1. Quiz

The organizers of this event were Sweta, Srija, Zeba, Rachel, Veena and Amrita.Prof. Prathiba and Veena judged the event.

12 teams participated in this event and the topic was ‘Movies”. Round 1 had 5 sections and the main topic was animated movies; chits were provided to the participants and were to read out the questions, first were multiple choice questions, 3 options were given and they had to select one. Second section was about directors. Third section was actors. The next topic was the Oscar best film award. Fifth section was science fiction movies. If one team did not know the answer the chit had to be disposed of and couldn’t be passed on. One question carried 10 marks each. Second round six teams were selected, first section was classics, second was mythology, third was comics, fourth was poetry. This round had the option of passing the question to the other team. Third round consisted of three teams, this round was rapid fire, ten questions, per question 10 marks. Topic was screenwriters, Pulitzer, world records out of the three one was declared the winner. Winners were Abhijeet and JaswanthBAh of sixth semester.

  1. Debate

This event was the show stopper event of literati which was held from 1pm to 4pm. It was organized by Ved, Sayantika, Mayura, Nashith and Jaswanth. Prof. Brinda Prof. Nisha, Mayura, Jaswanth and Ved were the judges.

This event consisted of 3 rounds. First round had 8 topics and 6 head to head participants. Every round had a preparation time for 5 minutes. Round 1 had intro of 1+1=2 minutes, rebuttal-3 minutes. Round 2 was the same as round 1, round 3 had intro of 1+1 minute and rebuttal-4 minutes. The topic for the final round was “Should there be an attendance limit in college?”

The teams and participants were:

  1. Saqlain and Harsh
  2. Vishesh and Geoffrey
  3. Zubair and Asma
  4. S and Suhanah
  5. Utkarsh and Shankar Gowda
  6. Sohel and Israel
  7. Nayaab Khan and Meer Owais
  8. TaskeenMeher and Aadil Khan
  9. Rahil and Siddharth
  10. Sadat and Luqman
  11. Deepak and Monish

The winners of this event were Rahil and Siddharth.


Literati 2020 turned out to be a great success and to top it all there was also a bake sale held in the quadrangle which sold delicious mouthwatering pastries. This event earned the appreciation of the faculty, and the audience. The School of Social Sciences and Humanities put a lot of effort and time into this event to make it a success.