Guest Lecture on "How to become a Writer" Organised by School of Social Science and Humanities, CMR University.

School of Social Science and Humanities organized a Guest Lecture on “How to become a Writer” for the BA. (Hons.) students on 12th August 2019 from 10 A.M. to 11 A.M. The Guest Dr Ampat Varghese Koshy, Assistant Professor, Department of English at the University of Jazaan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a notable man of Literature and Language owning recognition from esteemed Institutions such as Harvard, Nanowrimo USA and so on. He is a creative writer and also nominated for the Hindu Literary Prize in 2016 and Pushcart prize of poetry in 2012.

In his address, Dr. Koshy focused on the importance of various methods of writing and the basic ideas of content, skill and form. He elaborated the format and types of writing. He introduced the Flesch- Kincaid Readability Test and its purpose to indicate how difficult a passage in English is to understand. Dr. Koshy also discussed the works of great writers like Ernest Hemmingway, William Faulkner and James Joyce as examples to show the distinction in their writing styles and the level of readability. The students and faculty were thoroughly engaged and educated by the interesting concepts that were discussed in the session.

Dr. Koshy also focussed the possible career opportunities, and the new fields that have emerged over the last decade giving budding writers a wide scale of job opportunities. He patiently answered the doubts and questions the audience raised following the session. At the end of the lecture, Dr. Chetan Bajaj, Dean, SoSSH presented a sapling as a token of appreciation. The session was highly informative and properly engaged the students with intellectual insights of writing.