Mzumbe University Delegates Visit CMRU

The Mzumbe University Delegation for Academic Collaboration consisted of the following delegates. Prof. J. S. Itika, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), Mzumbe University, Tanzania; Prof. Simon S. Msnjila, Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, Mzumbe University, Tanzania; Prof. Andrew H. Mbwambo, Principal, Mzumbe University Dar Es Salaam Campus (MUDCC) Upanga, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and Prof.Shiv Tripathi, Head – Dept. of Short Courses, MUDCC, Tanzania.

The delegation visited CMR University City campus and also other campuses in Whitefield and OMBR Layout to interact with Directors/ Deans and Senior Academic Team for understanding the academic design, delivery and management aspects.

An additional MoU for launching of M.Sc. (Applied Business & Economics) was signed under the coverage of original collaboration. The visit was fruitful, encouraging and mutually rewarding to both Mzumbe and CMR University to further the collaborative relationship.

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