“Tap The Talent” at the School of Engineering & Technology

An exciting team-building event held for students at CMR University. It was an opportunity for the students to have fun, but also to hone their all-rounder skills. Over two days, various events were coordinated by faculty to help student achieve specific goals. The first event being presentation skills, students were judged on the presentation they made, its content, their research and impromptu knowledge for the question thrown at them by the judges and fellow students. Their speaking and overall stage presence was thus showcased.

Following the presentation, a quiz was organised to test students on interdisciplinary knowledge. They were asked questions from all subjects as well as general knowledge.

The second day began with sports activities testing both team spirit and patience.There was a series of 3 water games where students entered a friendly competition. The day ended with an extremely entertaining schedule of cultural events where the students were able to showcase their talents be it in singing, dancing and music.

Dean Dr. D.H. Rao congratulated the teams which made it through the events in the spirit of sportsmanship. The event was coordinated by faculty members, including Prof Ramola Ladge, Prof Ramesh and Prof. Girish.