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An Interaction with Dr. Lalit Verma, IAS

Date: 10th March, 2018
Event: Special Address cum Interaction Programme
Guest: Dr. Lalit Verma, IAS (Additional Chief Secretary), Government of Uttar Pradesh
Co-ordinators: Ms. Bhagya and Ms. Deepthi Jose, School of Social Sciences and Humanities

CMR University invited Dr. Lalit Verma, an IAS officer working for the Government of Uttar Pradesh on 10th March, 2018 as the guest speaker. Due to his impeccable record on a professional and personal stance, it was an honour to be in the presence of such an enigmatic being.

A special interaction was held between the guest and the post graduate students of CMR University where Dr. Lalit Verma shared his insightful opinions and experiential learning with the students from an expert point of view on strategies to score at a civil services examination to how corruption is addressed in our country. He also shared the challenges encountered and the effective measures taken to overcome them.

Being an individual with great academic milestones and achievements, his simplicity and humble nature was witnessed. Students were motivated to raise their opinions associated with the functioning of the government.



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