Inauguration of MBA and Post Graduate Programmes at CMR University

The 1st batch of MBA programmes and 3rd batch of postgraduate programmes of CMR University were inaugurated on Saturday, 17 September 2016.

In his address during the event, Dr Anand K Joshi, Vice Chancellor of CMR University, encouraged the new batch of postgraduate students to focus on the case study learning process. “The fundamentals of every discipline is important and application of theoretical knowledge is crucial. There is a fast change in the perception of education in the industry and hence the curriculum design should meet the industry requirements. IT knowledge, quantitative techniques and economics are extremely important. Technology or management knowledge, should both be connected to society through corporate social responsibility, sustenance or human resources,” Dr Joshi pointed out.

Delivering the inaugural address, Ganesh Margabandhu, General Manager of IBM Global Technology Services, South Asia, encouraged students to study with a purpose. Margabandhu, pointed out that ‘speed and space’ are crucial for in-depth learning. “India is on a golden journey and expansion beyond the comfort zone is important for successful learning. Preparation for the industry is important as we live in the redefining era of ‘augmented intelligence’ and not artificial intelligence,” he added.

Dr. Hari Krishna Maram, Chairman & Founder-CEO of the Imperial College, Bangalore and Vice President of the Association of Indian Management Schools stressed on the need to build on ideas with the help of technology. “Every start-up is generated from a small idea and has the potential to transform into a top company. Every student should be driven by passion and innovation and must focus on efficiency. With the expanding growth, in the next decade nearly one crore jobs will be created in India and hence we need students to be ready for the progress”, added Dr Maram.

Dr. Sabitha Ramamurthy, Chancellor of CMR University, motivated students to integrate the values and knowledge and to embark a new journey of learning. Dr. Sabitha encouraged students to define their roles within their family, friends and institution to discover themselves in the process.
Dr. Praveen R., Registrar, Prof SK Balaraman, Registrar – Evaluation, Dr. Geetha M. Rajaram Director, School of Economics & Commerce and School of Management, CMR University were also present.