Inauguration of CMR University January 2017 Doctoral Programme


25 March, 2017: The opening and orientation ceremony of the January 2017 Doctoral Programme batch was organised by the CMR University School of Research and Innovation.

In his inaugural address, Dr. Balaji M.S., Vice President of Human Resources at PA Software, said: “There are 1.2 billion mobile apps nowadays and according to research, an average person checks e-mails 45 times a day and visit Facebook at least 18 times in a day. As many as six and half hours in a day are wasted on android mobiles, which reflects that man is moving from practicality to clicking.”

He also pointed out that as a research scholar, one must shed all inhibitions. “A student must identify his or her weakest skills and convert it into one’s highest key performance indicator over a period of time. Scholars must be able to produce results which enhance their research studies.”

Dr. Suresh D.S., Director & Principal of CIT, Gubbi, and Member of the Academic Senate at VTU, said in his speech: “All innovations abroad are incubated in Universities, which are then picked up by the industries and converted into products; this is the aspect which is lacking in our nation. Research should be accurate, precise and concentrate on developing a sustainable model for innovation. There is a dire need of re-skilling whereby a research scholar would un-skill oneself and start fresh. Research should be a choice and not a decision. The research done now should be beneficial to society and must become a reference material for the next generation of scholars. Every scholar should be able to think out of the box and must have an open mind towards new ideas and innovation”.

Delivering the presidential remarks, Dr. Anand K. Joshi, pointed out throughout the world, there are nearly 35% of dubious science journals and publications.  “Of the total, 18 % of the dubious science journals are from India and there are more that 500+ articles which are from India and have appeared in various journals. As per research conducted by CII, 75% of the publications based out of research are from industries and it must be noted that the Government of India looks at research and innovation from economic growth point.” The Vice Chancellor also mentioned that as much as 4.6 trillion are allocated to the education sector, therefore research should pave the way to transform society.

Dr. Praveen R, Registrar, CMRU, Prof S. K Balaraman, Registrar Evaluation, CMRU, Dr. B. S Patil, Director, School of Research and Innovation, CMR University, were also present during the inaugural ceremony.