Consortium Meeting on Ethics, Sustainability and Responsible Management Research in Higher Education: The Way Forward

Organized by: CMR University, Bangalore, India in Association with PRME Secretariat, Foundation for United Nations Global Compact, New York, USA
Held on Tuesday, 4th March 2014 at 10.30 a.m.
Venue: Board Room, CMR Institute of Technology (CMRIT) Campus, Bangalore

Bangalore, March 5, 2014:

“The Universities and Higher Educational Institutions in India should focus on creating ‘ethical & responsible leaders’ with strong orientation for ethics compliance & anti-corruption behavior in their professional life. In view of an estimated US$33 billion trillion of black money worldwide annually, strong anti-corruption institutional mechanisms are required to ensure the balanced growth in any emerging economy, including India” said Prof. Ronald E. Berenbeim, Adjunct Professor, New York University & Member of Working Group on PRME Anti-Corruption in Management Education (PRME-ACME), while inaugurating the CMR University Educational Partnership with United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)’s PRME Consortium Meeting.

 He further highlighted the initiatives of United Nations with 534 reputed Institutions of Higher Education and Universities, which is currently implemented in 80 countries across the world, by becoming signatories to PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) initiative. There are only 24 Management Education Institutions and one University in India, which are signatories to PRME of UNGC, and CMR University is probably the 1st University with a holistic approach in implementing the PRME initiatives.

While delivering his key-note address as Chief Guest, Dr.Anand K. Joshi, Vice Chancellor mentioned that “CMR University has entered into collaboration with IBM and other industry professional bodies to develop industry-integrated programs. As a signatory to UN’s PRME, CMR University will offer two mandatory subjects in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, and Corporate Ethics, Regulations & Governance in Business Enterprises in various UG & PG programs. This knowledge will enable students to become successful in ‘Business Diplomacy’ with high level of integrity and ethics in business practices.

“Instead of focusing on class room teaching of principles and concepts, an integrated approach involving through practice and leading by example is effective to inculcate Ethics, Values and Sustainability Principles among students. The curriculum should have the core readings, case studies, research-based professional activities, practical analysis of subject matter and real life scenarios to make it application-oriented, when the Institutions and Universities adopt PRME initiatives, which has been the common practice in most PRME signatories”, said Prof.Shiv K. Tripathi, Professor, Mzumbe University, Tanzania & Member, PRME ACME Working Group, while leading Consortium meeting. He further expressed his happiness about the serious commitment of Executive Leadership team of CMR University and CMRGI, and mentioned that the deliberations have been intense and of high quality, among many PRME signatories.

“CMR University wishes to become one of the leaders in imparting high quality and technology-enabled education with social relevance and also inculcating high degree of values and ethics among the academic & student community”, said Shri. K.R. Jayadeep, Pro Vice Chancellor, CMR University, while representing the vision of CMR University Board of Governors.

The meeting was attended by the Senior Management Executives and Academic leaders of CMR University (CMRU), Deans / Directors / Principals and Vice Principals of CMR Group of Institutions (CMRGI). The introduction on purpose of UN-PRME & welcome was done by Dr.Nandeesh V. Hiremath, Professor & Program Director and vote of thanks was proposed by Dr.Praveen R., Addl. Registrar of CMR University and event was conducted at CMR Institute of Technology Campus.