CMRU partners with Mzumbe University, Tanzania to offer collaborative Teaching, Research & Outreach Programs

CMR University (CMRU), Bangalore, India has partnered with – which is a Public University established in terms of the Higher Education Act, Mzubmbe. The CMRU and MU will offer collaborative Teaching, Research & Outreach Programs programs at their HRBR Layout Campus, Bangalore. The joint initiative will promote enrichment in the different areas of management, social sciences, health care and life sciences, technology and engineering.

As part of the collaborative partnership, CMR University (CMRU) and Mzumbe University (MU) will design, develop and deliver an updated curriculum of industry-relevance by collaborative research, joint creation of knowledge & expertise and also work towards disseminating jointly created knowledge through joint publication of cases, working papers, research articles, blogs, books / periodicals, etc. In addition, CMRU and MU will organize collaborative activities like conferences, seminars, workshops, short-duration courses for working executives for knowledge sharing & capacity building, apart from Faculty Development programs, Student & Faculty Exchange Programs of mutual interest / benefit.

The CMRU, India and MU, Tanzania are currently offering following programs:

  1. M.S. in Applied and Business Economics
  2. MBA (IT + one functional subject)
  3. Executive Development Programme (EDP) in
    • IT Applications in Finance & Accounting
    • IT Applications in HRM
    • IT Applications in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The CMR University, India is a key Knowledge Partner, while Mzumbe University, Tanzania will be awarding the Certificates / Diplomas / Degrees etc, as per the collaborative programs offered.

M.Sc. (Applied Economics & Business) Program

The Masters’ Program in Applied Economics and Business is designed for students who aspire to a career in business. The course equips students with rigorous economic analysis methods and tools, thus it is differentiable from a generalized MBA program. Another goal of this course is for students to develop a key understanding of a firm in its global and economic environments. This understanding helps in making key strategic decisions in the short, medium as well as the long – term.

A typical graduate of the Masters’ program is expected to pursue a career in business, policy-making institutions, and think-tanks or extend their academic pursuits to a PhD. The Program extends to three semesters, with the first two semesters consisting of extensive course-work and one semester of thesis. The course work consists of introductory examination of microeconomic and macroeconomic theories, as well as training in the data analysis tools and techniques. The one of the aims of the coursework is to provide the students with the ability to comprehend the empirical analyses and reports pertinent to the discussion of business and economic issues. At the end of the course work, in the third semester, students will examine a business/economic research problem using the tools and techniques they have mastered during the coursework. This research problem will be of a contemporaneous, cross-disciplinary nature in East Africa and beyond.

While the coursework is rigorous, it is accessible to students with undergraduate degrees in Economics, Business as well as pure sciences. The strategy of the program is to give students a well-rounded set of skills that prepare them for successful careers.

M.Sc.(AEB) Program details with links are given below:

  1. MScAEB Brochure
  2. MScAEB Program Design
  3. MSCAEB Schedule