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Sharath Kumar D

Assistant Professor
Sharath Kumar is a full-time researcher in innovation and entrepreneurship domains at CMR, and at Dr. Phani Kumar Pullela’s lab. He is mostly involved in managing entrepreneurs, new startup registration, managing book of accounts of entrepreneurs, grant writing, patent filing etc.

Research interests:

Entrepreneurship, patent drafting and filing in any branch of engineering and science, empowering student startups, entrepreneurship grant writing and support


Total five years of research experience as a research scientist at CMR, managed over 15 startups being founded, part of over fifteen patents, worked in managing grant accounts and compliance of over twenty funded grants, statement of expenditure, utilization certificate, produced six elevate, govt of Karnataka winner teams, currently three elevate govt of Karnataka teams in this year, other awards for student entrepreneurs include Portuguese innovation medal, DST Texas Instrument challenge FKCCI Manthan winners, DBT BIRAC, DBT Foldscope, two awards from Grand Challenges Karnataka, etc. The focus is to empower and create successful entrepreneurs through personalized mentoring, critical support in R&D, marketing, sales, grant writing, grant compliance etc.