International webinar on “How software is eating the world”

Dec 7, 2020

 10.00am - 11:30am

Event Type: Webinar

Organized by: School of Legal Studies

Contact person:

Prof. Ajay Sudhir Bale Ph: 9686316871
Prof. Shivaprakash Ranga Ph: 7760804095

International webinar on “How software is eating the world”

Webinar session mode: Google Meet
Time: 10.00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M
Day: Monday
Date: 07.12.2020
Organized by: Department of ECE and CSE/IT School of Engineering & Technology, CMR University.

The Google meet link for the webinar is as below:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

Use the 1st Link, if it is full use the second link. If the second link is full, go for 3rd and then for link 4.

Overview of the Webinar:

The webinar focuses on the following key points
Ø Why software and why now?
Ø How Silicon Valley works?
Ø How innovation works?

Technology Landscape
Ø Types of industries and verticals
Ø New emerging trends
Ø Industry and Academia
Ø Gaps and collaboration advantages

Ø How to explore opportunities
Ø focus

The number of seats for this webinar is limited to 500. Hurry up, register at the earliest.
We issue the participation certificate in the soft-copy form to all the registered participants and also share the link to submit your feedback shortly after the conclusion of the event.

About the Speaker

Mr. Amol has shipped many industry-leading products for enterprise and consumer markets in the field of artificial intelligence. Amol is a senior product manager at Google USA and has worked at several Microsoft teams in the USA and India.