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Inauguration of the Centre for International Legal Studies

Jul 26, 2021


Organized by: School of Legal Studies

Inauguration of the Centre for International Legal Studies

Date: July 26th, 2021
Time: 2.00pm

Greetings from CMRU, School of Legal Studies!

It is indeed our pleasure and privilege in inviting you to the inauguration of CMR University, School of Legal Studies’ “Centre for International Legal Studies”, at 2.00 PM on 26th July, 2021. The Ceremony will have insightful talks by our esteemed guest speakers and resource persons who represent some of the best minds in the country with significant contributions in the field of International Legal Studies to their credit. Please find the Invitation attached herewith for your kind reference.

CMR University School of Legal Studies is establishing this Centre for International Legal Studies, with an aim to integrate the study of different forms of International Law and to achieve a balanced approach towards conducting interdisciplinary studies and research. We also seek to bring various International Law Courses and Conferences under the aegis of this Centre so as to streamline all such activities and derive maximum advantage from the said events. The Centre aims to conduct workshops, training programmes, seminars, etc., to expand the knowledge of students where they can build a competitive team which strives locally, nationally and internationally in the upcoming years.

We hope that you may make the time to attend this online inauguration of our new Centre.
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