Cultural Club Activity - OPEN MIC

The Cultural Club of CMRUniversity- School of Management and School of Economics & Commerce organized an open micevent on 7th February 2020, which turned out to be a great success. In an open mic event, participants are free to perform and showcase their musical talents and skills. The performances are not limited by genre or language. This is a platform for all music lovers to learn as well as enjoy performances of all the fellow participants.
The participants were given a set of rules to be followed. There was no restriction on the language and the participants wereonly allowed to use acoustic instruments. Instruments such as keyboard andbeat boxing can also be used if necessary. The participants could either go solo, or perform in a groupof maximum 5 members.Each participant/group had a total time limit of 4+1 minutes.

Each participant started off by performing their own rehearsed piece,which was considered as the first round.The results of first round were so good that the judges had to keep an elimination round, where each participant was given only one minute to perform any song which tested their confidence and the clarity of their voice. The judges finally concluded by selecting the top four participants in which the third place was shared among two participants. The names of the winners are as follows:

1st place- AdheenaPramod (B.A. Hons)
2nd place- Archana BH (B.A. Hons)
3rd place- Dharini (B.Com. ) and Sneha (B.Com.)

Faculty Coordinators – Ms. Sandhya (School of Management).
Ms. Bindu Ramesh (School of Economics and Commerce).