Our Response to COVID Crisis

Pivoting to Online Classes - Overview of Virtual Classes

Virtual class is the new reality now. Virtual meetings, classroom, Labs, mentoring, counselling, celebrations and also farewells. Progressing with the new requirement leaving all resentments and embracing the new demands of the time. Being a catalyst of change and we exude in our day to day operations. CMRU started virtual classroom sessions immediately after the lockdown. Each and every course  is having on-line teaching, videos are recorded, e-contents are shared, assignments are given, and doubts are cleared. The platform enables the student to clear his/her doubt with faculties during the session as well as after the session. 

Online Student Clubs and Activities

CMRU aims at holistic development. Student’ s activities and clubs have kept the extra curricular and co curricular activities as part of their daily life even online. Mentors and coordinators have come out with various on-line activities to keep the student community in high spirits – be it competitions, quizzes, creative artifacts, or other activities. Students are encouraged to showcase their talent  in various contests announced by other colleges, universities and corporates. Webinar, online lectures, courses, workshops have received a lot of enthusiasm across schools. 

Mentoring and Counselling

Our faculty mentors are regularly in touch with our students to check their well-being, motivate them, and support them in their learning or any other issues/concerns. Our professional psychological counselors are always available to support students and staff in terms of any  help needed. Keeping the pandemic in view, guidance is provided for any concerns related to career, internships, pre-placement offers, or placement. Counselling and Mentoring services are extended to parents, siblings of our students as well as to our staff and teaching fraternity. Guidelines are issued for students and staff to deal effectively and cope with new challenges. CMRU Well being center supports growth and learning by providing developmentally oriented psychological services.

New Initiatives Undertaken

COVID 19 has brought in a whole new challenge in every possible realm. It has forced us to continue our endeavour for maintaining high standards of Teaching and Learning to incorporate new realities of online learning. For smooth transition faculties are trained in using new strategies for online mode. The pedagogy is now being supported by CMR digital library with subscribed resources and links for online portals of NTPL, Swayam and  MOOC. Our rich e resource consist of, National digital Library, McGraw Hill e-books, World eBook Library, Hein online, Manupatra, Lexis Nexis Advance.

Community Service

We are happy to share that all CMRU staff have contributed one-day salary towards Karnataka Chief Minister’s Relief fund to fight COVID-19 pandemic. Some of our staff and students are also working as Corona warriors on the field to support the weaker section of our society.

At CMRU, we emphasize on healthy living. The objective is to reduce the spread and speed of COVID-19 infections by creating awareness, regarding the issues  through various media.

Safety and Screening

Safety of our society and staff  is our priority. We have facilitated digital screening across our campus and details of our visitors are noted. We have ensured training and safety of frontline workers with  equipment for screening protocols and procedures are followed. 

We are confident that all of us will swim successfully through this pandemic and come out as a better society and a stronger system in days to come.