CMR University celebrates International Yoga Day

Fifth International Yoga Day was celebrated at all campuses of CMR University on 21st June 2019. At School of Engineering and Technology, Main Campus, Prof. Geetha N. welcomed the session while the presidential address was delivered by Dr. Nagaraj M. K., Dean SOET, who shared his views on Yoga practices and its benefits.

The session was led by Dr. Subramanya Reddy, who highlighted the importance of Ashtanga Yoga and ‘The inward Journey’. Different asanas were demonstrated which included mainly Tadasana, Trikonasana (Triangle Pose), Kursiasana (Chair Pose), Virabhadrasana, Uttanasana and parsvakonasana. Surya Namaskar was demonstrated by Prof. Puneeth and Prof. Ajay Bale. The other faculty followed them. Mr. Akash demonstrated the Sirsasana. The session continued with pranayama (Bhastrika, kapalabhati, Bhramari, anuloma ,viloma kriyas) and meditation that unites the body (asanas), the mind (meditation) and the spirit (atma). These yogic practices enhance the quality of prana (life). The session concluded with staff feedback, suggestions from the Dean and vote of thanks.