Digital Marketing has today become a part of academic curricula across the world.  In fact, scope for digital marketing has been on the rise leading to an increase in the number of jobs. With organizations (both small and big) also making substantial investments towards brand building through digital marketing, the digital marketing domain is witnessing increased penetration across verticals. This has led to a large number of people seeking to build careers in digital marketing to help organizations/companies grow. If you are a fresh graduate, or a student desirous of exploring the digital marketing domain, you can check out some lucrative career options that you can pursue to enable personal and professional growth:

Digital Marketing Strategist – Digital marketing strategies of any company/organization/product/service requires your expertise Here, an organization’s digital growth is directly dependent on the digital marketing campaigns that you create and the digital optimizations that you effect. Growth opportunities are immense, here, considering the fact that a digital marketing strategist dabbles on multiple aspects at any given point in time; this could be content creation/optimization, supervision of creatives/graphics for the digital marketing campaigns, and even nuances of Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing.

Specialist in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) /Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Any organization with an online presence invariably requires Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)to be effected on digital properties for visibility on search engines like Google when queried organically by users. This is constant work in progress; hence, the scope for improvisation/innovation is significantly higher. With knowledge in SEO/SEM tools and campaigns, you could ensure that your offerings are visible and reachable in the digital medium (and social media).

Specialist in Social Media – Today, it is unimaginable for organizations (even individuals) to not have a social media presence. A mere presence digitally does not suffice if an organization is to experience growth and brand building. Social media marketing is to be carried out on a large scale by a social media specialist  where using the available tools, various reachability campaigns are developed so that any product/offering is visible on social media channels whilst ensuring reachability to the right target audiences. Social media marketing is a powerful marketing technique that has even managed to outclass physical marketing.

Experts in Digital Content – Digital content forms are an important part of digital marketing. Any campaign created needs the right type/form of content to attract attention. Some examples include catchy taglines; well-written descriptions; SEO-compliant content; and even captions. If you have learnt digital marketing, you would invariably have picked up the nuances of content writing; and writing for search engines as well, which further helps in search engine marketing. With this, you get to build careers as successful content writers – content experts. 

The above are certain lucrative careers in digital marketing that you could explore. To take up these careers, academic programs that can be pursued (full-time programs) are BBA in Digital Marketing offered by CMR University, Bengaluru where the emphasis is laid on experiential learning and design thinking, along with getting to explore the Global Immersion Model (GIM). The university’s MBA program (regular) also offers Digital Marketing as a specialization. Here, students get to learn through industry veterans with as many as 6 specialized centers of learning in a multidisciplinary and collaborative environment.

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