Today, academic programmes in Commerce are in huge demand thanks to a slew of initiatives from the Government of India that have eased the whole process of setting up and running businesses comparatively. Also, with people slowly beginning to realise the various multidisciplinary options (with respect to careers, higher studies, and entrepreneurship) that are enabled through a degree, academic programmes in Commerce are being increasingly sought after by students. The demand has now peaked and reached a level where tier-1 Universities/institutions/colleges have started offering placement opportunities for graduates to make the best career in Commerce with top-notch companies across the globe. 

 With manifold opportunities for Commerce graduates (undergraduates), students pursuing the stream or desirous of taking up academic programme  in Commerce for a fledging careers can check out below certain lucrative career options (and entrepreneurial options):

  • Organizational Accounting – This is a fledging domain requiring complete expertise in skills such as Accounting, Payrolls, and Auditing. Every organization’s financial health is determined by its Accountants who are also vital for an organization’s day to day operations and in driving overall growth. Growth opportunities here are immense as accountants within an organization are key players in the progression of the organization.

  • Financial Auditing – This is an area in which graduates can explore careers as well as entrepreneurship. Careers as auditors within governmental/corporates are generally lucrative and also promise rapid professional growth. This is one area that lets graduates delve deep into the micro elements of an organization and its financial strategies. Hence, both knowledge-wise and growth-wise, auditors’ careers are generally rewarding. Entrepreneurship is also fostered as graduates can set up independent auditing firms and help clients maintain their account books intact.
  • Tax Consultants – Tax Consultants generally help organizations as well as individuals with tax-related queries, and even in enabling people to keep their tax records intact. Today, with an increasing demand for Commerce-related streams in India, the number of Tax Consultants has also increased. This has, in turn, led to increased opportunities for Commerce graduates who could start their own firms as Tax Consultants, and also associate with governmental/corporate companies helping them in maintaining intact their tax records.
  • Financial Officers – Graduates with the right financial skillsets can look forward to associating with organizations, as Financial Officers (potential progression to Chief Financial Officer) helping organizations with their financial strategies and scalability. In today’s times, with FinTech investments also on the scheme of things in both corporate as well as governmental organizations, the Chief Financial Officer delves deep within the FinTech strategies as well and advises the best financial strategies to potentially boost the organization’s growth.
  • Stock Trading – As the opportunities and scope for entrepreneurship is relatively high, Commerce graduates could also set up dedicated Stock Trading firms and thereby advise investors on the best performing stock and the best investment at any given point in time; thereby driving the right financial decisions from clients at Stock Trading Firms

Hence, Commerce graduates have a wide range of lucrative career options in the domain; however, a Master’s degree also adds value to graduates’ profile whilst opening up more opportunities for both personal as well as professional growth. Postgraduate programmes such as MTech/CA are today highly sought after.


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