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Are you exploring new career opportunities in science and technology? If you’ve chosen science as a stream in your intermediate but don’t want to limit yourself to research, engineering, and medical jobs or conventional subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics, you could explore novel disciplines beyond school. Some of the best BCA and BSC colleges in Karnataka offer courses like computer applications, data science, visual effects, design, etc., that prepare science enthusiasts to take up new jobs in a digital world.

Here’s a brief overview of contemporary careers & science and technology programmes after class 12th that have tremendous scope in the future.

Top Science And Technology Jobs In The Industry

  • Data Scientist

Data science, labelled as one of the “most promising careers” in science and technology by large-scale industry recruiters like Glassdoor and LinkedIn, blends theoretical knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and computers with programming and domain expertise to extract valuable insights from different kinds of data.

  • Hardware Engineer

Hardware engineers or technicians are responsible for researching, designing, and testing different kinds of equipment for electrical systems and computers. The field requires students to have knowledge of operating systems, data communications, microprocessors, networks, etc., and skills like creativity, critical thinking, and analysis.

  • AI Engineer

Considering that almost every big organisation has embraced artificial intelligence to improve professional efficiency, it is one of the most sought-after science and technology jobs at present. AI engineers need to master programming languages, Rock AWS machine learning, data analysis, and engineering, etc., to create innovative AI and ML solutions.

  • Blockchain Engineer

A blockchain engineer is in charge of analysing, designing, developing, operating, implementing, and securing blockchain technology in Web 3.0 projects. It requires hands-on experience with codebases, open-source projects, and software development. The field has applications in multiple industries like finance, healthcare, government, etc.

  • Software Developer

A software developer oversees the design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance of software for large-scale task automation. The job requires students to specialise in coding, software testing & debugging, OOD (Object-oriented design), etc., to develop various systems, utilities, and applications.

  • System Analyst

The career includes designing and implementing software solutions to enhance existing systems and solve technical problems using knowledge of computer systems, technologies, designs, and procedures for improving organisational efficiency. It is one of the highest paying science and technology jobs.

  • IT/Cyber Security Specialist

Cybersecurity or IT security, involves safeguarding computer software, hardware, and networks to evade any unauthorised access or unexpected cyber attack. With fewer students, high demands, and solid remuneration offered by organisations to protect their confidential information, the field is a lucrative career option.

  • Mobile Application/Game Developer

Considering the wide-scale global usage of mobiles, app development is a great career for masters of analytical and programming skills. The catch, however, is that students need to be creative and the app or app developed needs to be unique, relevant, affordable, and engaging for users.

  • Cloud Administrator

The demand for cloud services has dramatically increased following the pandemic as they allow quick and effortless collaboration and accessibility of data anytime, anywhere. Thus, small businesses, large corporations, and government organisations have started using cloud technology for storing and sharing data without worrying about security breaches. This makes cloud computing one of the most lucrative career opportunities in science and technology.

  • Digital Marketer

The field combines web development, online marketing, and communications to promote brands via websites, social networks, emails, multimedia channels, etc. The objective is to promote services and bring in prospective customers to reap profits. The industry offers some of the most profitable science and technology jobs, like social media management, search engine optimisation, mail marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

  • Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are responsible for creating visual concepts to communicate appealing marketing ideas using creativity and technical expertise. With more experience and better skills, graphic designers can excel at VFX art (which creates photoreal live action in animated strips) and 3D animation (that breathes life into digital creations in a three-dimensional space).

Considering the recent industry requirements, the course covers programming languages, data science, and information on mobile applications, cloud computing, IoT, AI, ML, etc. The 3-year course develops relevant skills (like problem analysis, design thinking, networking, etc.) to help students take on challenging science and technology jobs as administrators, analysts, programmers, network engineers, developers, data scientists, e-commerce executives, etc.

The course stretches over six semesters and offers in-depth knowledge of statistics, digital electronics, data structures, database management, object-oriented programming, computing design & architecture, machine learning, big data analysis, private cloud core deployment and management, etc. It helps students identify, analyse, and solve complex cloud problems using modern tools, technical expertise, and design solutions.

This programme focuses on enabling students to extract valuable insights from complex data using knowledge of statistics, computational and mathematical concepts, AI models, machine learning, etc. Students are trained to use cutting-edge solutions and tools like Python, R, Tableau, and noSQL databases, which help them process different kinds of data with greater efficiency. 

The 3-year course necessitates the study of the most-used programming languages (like Java, Python, C/C++, etc.); topics like AR, VR, AI, etc. It paves way for lucrative career opportunities in the science and technology industry.

The 3-year course allows students to delve deep into film sound, acoustics, music production, etc. and develop proficiency in tools like Logic Pro, Nuendo, etc. that find their application in the film industry, game development, etc.

The programme allows students to apply their knowledge of VFX, 2D/3D animation, fine arts, etc. to design motion clips and multimedia art. It empowers students to take on lucrative career opportunities in science and technology. E.g., match move artist, roto artist, 2D paint artist, concept designer, 3D animator, character designer, etc.

  • 3.B.Sc. In Filmmaking

Filmmaking, a tempting and glittering industry, lets students delve deep into camera technology, lighting techniques, visual styling, post-production edits, sound recording, etc. The knowledge and skills gained allow students to create web series, feature films, TV programmes, etc.

  • 4.B.Sc. In Photography

There’s more to photography than just clicking photos. This 3-year programme brushes the photographic skills of students by making them aware of media aesthetics & psychology, digital imaging, colour theory, studio lighting, photojournalism, etc. It allows them to work as commercial photographers, retouching artists, video shooters, etc.

  • 5.B.Sc. In Game Art & Design 

Game designing is different from game development, as it enables students to master storyline, game content development, programming, and designing in-game characters using the best 2D/3D tools. After completing this 3-year course, students can work as storyboard artists, game concept developers, character designers, etc.

How To Find The Best College In Bangalore For Science & Technology Courses

There are plenty of factors to consider when searching for the best BSC degree colleges in Bangalore or the best BCA colleges in Karnataka, which are as follows. 

1) Advanced Curriculum

Choose a college that not just focuses on expanding theoretical knowledge but also allows you to master practical skills like design thinking, exploration, experimentation, etc., to ensure industry preparedness

2) World-class Infrastructure

Gaining access to nurturing and well-furnished learning spaces is a must for science and technology courses. Therefore, the institution chosen by you should have dedicated facilities like media labs, mixing studios, photography studios, communications rooms, etc., where you could exercise the skills learned in the classrooms. 

3) Skilled Faculty

The best curricula and pedagogies fail unless they’re delivered by seasoned, skilled, and passionate educators who believe in taking learning beyond the classrooms. An educational institution that follows a thorough screening process and invests in the professional development of educators is where you will find the best teachers in the world. 

4) Hands-on Learning

Experimentation and practical application are essential for mastering scientific concepts. Therefore, always opt for a course that includes training workshops, practical lessons, group projects, industry dissertations, expert mentorship, etc., so you can learn through experience. 

5) Broad Exposure

Understanding how subjects are applied in real-world industries is just as important as learning about them. Choose a programme that allows you to interact with global experts and resources to broaden your abilities when it comes to decision-making and problem-solving. 

6) Placement Opportunities

Campus placements save you time and effort spent job hunting all over town. They also allow you to present your portfolio and projects to prospective employers and kickstart your career early.

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