Design Thinking forms an integral pillar of the academic offerings at CMR University (CMRU) Bengaluru,and is at the core of the university’s academic initiatives.

Design Thinking at CMR University Bengaluru

Fundamentally, Design Thinking is a mindset, and represents a collaborative way of solving problems. At CMRU, application of Design Thinking principles begins right from the stage when the academic curriculum is finalized. 

Students are trained in Design Thinking by an expert group of Design Professionals; in these sessions, students are educated on how to define any issues/challenges appropriately and ideate on the various ways to mitigate these. Here, articulation on the various proposed solutions to the problem is also done.

After the articulation is done, prototyping of the solution is the next step. Students develop models of the various solutions (to issues)) and conduct tests to ensure that the required performance metrics are met.

These solutions are then examined for feasibility in standard environments; before they are deployed.

At CMR University, Design Thinking training programmes begin  for students right from their first semester. This is to cultivate in them the problem solving mindset right from the early stages and to ensure that this becomes a practice even when they graduate. 

Check out below some images from our recent Design Thinking sessions:

Design Thinking workshop for B.A. Semester-1 students: Students sharing their understanding of the problem – ‘Water crisis in Bangalore’, and how they wish to be a part of it! 

Design Thinking workshop for B.A. Semester-1 students: Students reflecting upon the interconnectedness of things, people and systems, a crucial component of design thinking.

Design Thinking adds an element of fun to conventional academic learning. This is in the form of various activities for students involving teamwork, sportsmanship, and developing multiple iterations of solutions to various challenges. In this regard, the University has established a dedicated department of Design Thinking with specialized trainers/design professionals who mentor students by engaging them in a range of activities and events.

Also check out below a video on how students are trained in Design Thinking at CMR University:

These Design Thinking sessions generally take place in the well-ventilated and specialized training areas that the University has built. All essential Covid-19 protocols are followed while training students in Design Thinking “to drive positive global change.”


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