Today’s academic learning has grown beyond the conventional confines of the classroom. Universities with reputation, across the world, have been increasingly engaging students through a host of initiatives such as leadership programmes and giving back to society to ensure their overall growth and development. Joining this bandwagon, CMR University Bengaluru has come up with the LEARNING, ENGAGEMENT & ADVANCEMENT PROGRAMMES (LEAP) initiative to empower students to become thought leaders to contribute to society.

With CMR University’s LEAP, students are trained to become “global thought leaders” through custom academic programmes such as co-curricular activities, experiential learning, and by establishing student-centric learning environments to enable diverse opportunities for community building and leadership. At CMR University, a dedicated Office of Student Affairs (OSA) with focus on student welfare is in charge of driving LEAP. 

These academic programmes are primarily focused on ensuring a plethora of learning opportunities, skill enhancement workshops, leadership programmes, and transformative experiences for students during their time on campus. At CMR University, students are also empowered to contribute to society as they are imparted a thorough understanding of the community and society. 

The OSA, at CMR University, offers LEAP across six streams viz:

These initiatives are designed to ensure that students are empowered with life skills and experiential learning along with their academic skillsets. Also, with dedicated focus on learning-by-doing, the Design Thinking approach at CMR University also hogs the limelight as students get to analyze real-world problems from multiple angles and thereby use multiple design mechanisms to solve these problems and contribute creatively to nobler causes. 

At this juncture, admissions are open for the academic programmes for the year 2021-22; all the academic programmes offered at CMR University are blended with modules of Design Thinking and Experiential Learning. Deserving/needy students are also conferred scholarships to enable them to reach their academic pursuits in a hassle-free manner. For admissions to CMR University’s academic programmes, click here


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