CMR University Bengaluru has begun welcoming students back to its campuses. Offline classes across streams have resumed at its 8 specialized Schools of learning. The University has ensured all safety measures on campus – caring for the health and safety of both students and faculty members.

An interesting aspect here is that students , apart from faculty members, expressed equal enthusiasm about getting back to classes on campus – after an extended period of online learning. Resumption of physical classes for students also represents a major victory over Covid-19.

Most of the students returning to the CMR campus stated that they missed interacting personally with their professors during the online classes phase. They also stressed on the fact that physical collaborative classroom learning is the best way to master new concepts.

“I am happy to be back on campus after a long hiatus. During the lockdown period, I had missed personal interaction with my friends and faculty members. Now, I am getting to experience true learning environment at the college. I feel that conventional classroom learning has greater advantages over learning in the online/remote mode. Hopefully, with the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions and safety measures on campus, we will get to experience classroom learning in all its glory,” stated Sudheendra P Kulkarni who is a student of MBA at the University’s School of Management.”

Another student Kruthika – from the CMR University School of Engineering and Technology expressed her happiness of getting back on campus, “I think that conventional classroom learning is the most effective way of learning. With my classes having resumed physically, I can now have personal interactions with my faculty members on various academic aspects and also seek guidance. Face-to-face interaction with the faculty is what I sorely missed during online classes.”

The faculty members at CMR University seem to second students’ thoughts on physical classes having greater advantages over remote sessions.

“Teaching and learning in the offline mode brings people together. The  energy and time are valued and students become passionate and synergized better in offline mode. A professor’s body language, tone and appearance and gestures makes it an inspiring feeling in reality rather than in online mode. A student interacts  in the real class room as he is in an engaging mode rather than a listening mode otherwise. The  opportunity cost of missing real life classes is experienced by them and the  distinction between the two modes is evident and clearly visible with their energy levels up in the offline sessions.” expressed Professor Mohan Cherian who is a faculty member at the CMR School of Management.

With happiness all around, on campus, the CMR Community is now looking forward to taking the next step which is to create positive learning experiences for students in the new academic year. This is slated to lead to a whole new generation of “thought leaders” chiseled to lead human society in the near future.

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