CMR University Bengaluru, with single-minded focus on Nurturing Creative Thinkers To Drive Positive Global Change, continues to obtain recognition from various quarters of India. The University, which is currently amongst the best private universities in Karnataka 2022, has garnered a slew of awards and honours this year.

Predominant amongst these recognitions are:

  • Ranked 3rd Amongst Top Eminent Law Schools in India By Competition Review CSR – GHRDC.
  • Ranked 6th Among Best State Private Universities & South Zone By Indian Institutional Ranking Framework (IIRF) 
  • Ranked  8th in Karnataka, by Education World India Higher Education Ranking
  • Ranked  12th Amongst 33 Top Law Schools in India 2021 By Outlook
  • Recognized as the Best University in South India 2022 by Centre for Education Growth and Research (CEGR)
  • Ranked  15th Amongst Universities of eminence Top 100 private University (Overall) By IIRF
  • Ranked  24th Best Private Law College in India The Week
  • Ranked 40th across India in 2022, amongst the Institutes of Excellence towards offering Holistic Education, by R World Institutional Ranking
  • Ranked  Amongst Top 10 Institutions at the Education World India Higher Education Grand Jury Awards 2022-23
  • Recognition for Best Performance in Organisational Management & Academics Management by the International Accreditation Organisation, USA.

These awards/honours are testimony to CMR University’s student-first approach that has also given rise to innovative teaching pedagogies such as Design Thinking, Experiential Learning, and the CMRU Learning – Engagement-Advancement Programmes (LEAP). These place student empowerment at the core of academics. 

Recently, CMR University was awarded as the Emerging University Of The Year by ASSOCHAM. 

The above awards serve as a shot in the arm for CMR University’s focus on making higher education inclusive for all. The University, one amongst the top degree colleges in Bangalore is steadfastly moving towards achieving its goal of making human societies better through moulding young minds and fostering excellence. 


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