CMR University (CMRU), Bengaluru, known for its emphasis on design thinking within its curricula has now turned design thinking into an entity with the establishment of the specialized School of Design. This new School of Design augments CMR University’s maker-centric approach where learning by doing is accorded intensive focus. 

CMR University’s School of Design is currently functional and students can apply for admission to the specialized Bachelors in Design (B.Des) academic programme that the school offers. Objective of the School of Design is to nurture maker-enabled designers to contribute to larger causes and thereby drive positive outcomes across verticals. 

With designing being an evergreen domain spread out across various areas, the Bachelors in Design academic programme offered by the School of Design is totally relevant to today’s changing world that is dependent on technology more than ever before. In this regard, the teaching pedagogy followed at the School of Architecture is a combination of both traditional designing methods as well as modern technology-driven approach towards solving problems. Creativity of students is also nurtured and fostered optimally through the Bachelors in Design programme.

 Bachelors of Design course, at the School of Design, is a full-time 4-year programme which begins with a one-year intensive foundation course where students are imparted essential skills such as basic designing elements, contextual studies, humanities, and technology. The School of Design, at CMR university, also organizes “full scale workshops” mid-semester for students to familiarize with interdisciplinary collaborations. Here, students are also exposed to entrepreneurial conditions such as involvement in crowd-funded events/projects/group activities. 

In the Bachelors in Design programme, students get to learn within studio environments that are customized as per modern industry requirements and thereby get a feel of the real world. The programme is also intended to expose students to modern industry tools in the field of design such as biomimetics, parametric, manufacturing, robotics, digital production, and artificial intelligence.

With CMR University known to be a pioneer in the application of design thinking, students taking up the  Bachelors in Design programmes can look forward to enriching academic experiences. 

The School of Design, headed by a Director, will also work in collaboration with CMR University’s School of Architecture towards developing newer solutions to complex problems whilst also fostering state-of-the-art research.

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