Is it possible to streamline academic responsibilities and career planning simultaneously? This question takes centre stage in students’ lives; however, rarely do they get the correct answer. At times, pursuing higher education seems to be the best option, while for some doing a job takes priority.

However, if you are a job aspirant or fresh graduate, you would be well aware of the fact that the career planning process is not bereft of a few hiccups along the way. It becomes particularly problematic when you face a lack of clarity; hence you might consider doing what most of your peers do. So, chalking out an elaborate plan is a significant step towards avoiding career obstacles.

Establish a Structure in your Career Journey by Setting Goals

What is one of the first things graduates must do after completing their courses? It is a matter of personal choice; you can either pursue higher studies or begin applying for jobs. On the other hand, it is also common for students to continue their post-graduation studies along with part-time jobs. 

It is noteworthy that by the time you graduate, you may have certain familial or personal responsibilities; maintaining academics simultaneously with other crucial duties could be overwhelming. This usually happens when the pressure of ‘’getting on your own feet’’ consumes you.

Wanting to become independent and fulfil aims is commendable, but all efforts go to waste if you don’t set goals. However, please note that ‘’Rome was not built in a day’’; likewise, make short-term goals to help you reach the ultimate target.

Continue the Learning Process

There is no end to learning, especially when we live in an era where the world constantly evolves, leading to discoveries and the gradual development of several industries. For instance, bioinformatics students need to stay up to date with the latest software and mechanisms to study biological data.

Similarly, art students need to specialise in whatever field they want to pursue their careers in; regardless of the subject they study, they need to attain proficiency. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that skill enhancement is a pivotal part of career planning and development.

Furthermore, organisations and employers don’t solely look for qualifications; they give equal focus on what you bring to the table through your aptitude.

For example, commerce students can do internships with business houses and learn the prerequisites of financial transactions. Besides, all students need to improve their communication skills which will help them express their perspectives. 

Establish an on and off-campus network

Building a network of people might seem like an intimidating notion, especially for those who don’t usually socialise. But one cannot undermine the importance of networking because it helps to broaden one’s horizon; it can help you to expand professionally and personally. You can start out by connecting with your college or university counsellors and seniors. 

Also, boost your online presence by creating a profile on LinkedIn and exploring different companies. Consequently, you may come across job openings that fit your skills, allowing you to kickstart your career. 

Participate in Career Fairs and other related events 

Just because the world is at our fingertips, thanks to smartphones and high-speed internet connectivity, it does not mean job fairs have become less relevant. Yes, most companies post their requirements on job portals, but they also conduct various offline and online events by collaborating with educational institutes. 

These events play a crucial role in career planning for students because it helps them meet professionals and experts from different fields. Besides, you get an opportunity to connect with industry leaders and representatives, allowing you to showcase your talent and get constructive feedback. 

Involve with your institute’s career-related services or programs 

Educational institutes like CMRU always strive to provide opportunities for students through placement camps, career fairs, etc. So, be mindful of such events taking place in your institute and enquire about the same; one of the best advantages of involving in such career-related services and programs is that it helps you to come out of your comfort zone. 

Moreover, it is a stepping stone in your career, so, despite the nervousness, take part in the programs and open yourself to new possibilities.


Uncertainty, doubt and indecisiveness are synonymous with early career decisions and can cause further confusion without a proper plan. Top-degree colleges in Bangalore understand the plights of students; therefore, they organise career counselling sessions and camps to help students. 


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