In a bid to make learning fun and interesting, CMR University (CMRU) Bengaluru offers a specialized Makerspace to its students pursuing engineering program (B.Tech program) and architecture program (B.Arch). The Makerspace is a reflection of the University’s focus on Design Thinking where students are encouraged to creatively develop solutions to problems through lateral thinking and multidisciplinary collaboration. 

Makerspace, at CMRU, is a specialized platform where Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is emphasized as a classroom learning process by empowering students to craft newer solutions by working on a variety of projects leveraging modern tools and technology such as 3D Printing, CNC Router Machines, and Laser Cutters. CMRU Makerspace is also a platform where classroom learning is applied on real-world projects in tandem with Design Thinking modules that are already integrated within the academic curriculum. 

The CMRU Makerspace, therefore, acts as a growth enabler for students giving them opportunities to actually showcase their creativity and thereby also contribute to society. With Industry 4.0 currently the trend in today’s technological world, the Makerspace at CMRU is an effective platform for students to develop smart solutions within the academic curriculum and thereby make human society a better – smarter place to live in. 

In summary, students of CMRU get to be part of the Constructivist and Constructionist revolution at the CMRU Makerspace by indulging in:

  • Learning By Doing – Training through hands-on techniques, and activity-based exercises
  •  Blended Learning – Deployment of theoretical knowledge on real-world projects.
  • Deployment of Design Thinking Concepts – Encouraging development of multiple solutions for creatively solving problems.
  • National and International Competitions – According global exposure to students with respect to technology, techniques, and global maker movements.

Hence, with a steadfast commitment towards nurturing creativity and transforming lives through education, CMR University has been continuously innovating to ensure that education has got more to do with real-world knowledge rather than mere memorizing of content within textbooks.


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