About DORI-draft

Overview of Directorate of Research & Innovation(DORI))

Since its inception, research has been an integral part of CMR University. The university works with the vision of nurturing creativity among researchers to drive positive global change. The Directorate of Research and Innovation, in collaboration with various schools in the University, is taking the steps to build Research excellence and drive Innovation.

The Directorate of Research & Innovation provides a dynamic platform for the students, scholars & faculty to conduct research in an ethical environment. Research, Innovation and Interdisciplinary approach have always been an area of paramount significance for the University to meet changing needs of the society and environment.
The Directorate provides support to the scholars right from the time of admission till graduation and beyond, by means of PhD guidelines, conferences, workshops & training on publications and ethical practices, and association with national & international agencies to enable smooth administration of research.

The University and the Directorate of Research & Innovation continuously extend their research wings with industrial and academic collaborations. The state of the art infrastructure, library, access to online journals & articles, and laboratories enhance the capabilities of scholars and ease their limitations. The Directorate seeks external partnerships to shape the vision of innovative and interdisciplinary research for collaborations and training.



Welcome to the DORI website! We are the Research and Innovation center of the CMR University. CMRU is climbing the ladder of success steadily in multiple research domains. The Institute has chosen contemporary frontier areas of research in various fields of science and technology, law, management, economics, commerce, education and social sciences.

Based on our research projects, many of our scholars and faculty members have presented research papers at various National and International Conferences and have won best presentation awards. They have also published more than 400 research papers in international peer reviewed journals in all the above areas. The university also has many patents to its credit.
CMRU is successfully forging ahead a fruitful academia-industry partnership. We have taken up several industry projects. We have collaborated with reputed institutions from both India and abroad.

The infrastructure is being constantly upgraded to meet the research requirements for carrying out research activities.
On behalf of the DORI team, we look forward to hearing from you.



To nurture creativity to drive positive global change through research and innovation

To enhance the research competence and to monitor the progress of the prospective scholars, supervisors and faculty for the achievement of excellence in research.

  • Enhance the academic research programmes in terms of Quality and Innovation
  • Drive Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Increase the collaboration with industry, academia and professional organizations and seek research funding for different schools.


  • To ensure an effective academic research programme in a conducive and learning environment.
  • To support in effective engagement of the Scholar and Supervisor as per the agreed objectives/timelines and assistance in the effective functioning of the scholar and supervisor associations.
  • Promotes shared responsibility, the ethical practice of research, and compliance with University PhD regulations and UGC guidelines.
  • To identify research priorities and initiate training for the promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary research.
  • Partnering with industries, academia and professional associations.
  • Disseminating research findings through publications and patents.
  • Strategically advocating for the improvements in research infrastructure and tools.