Ph.D | Economics, Commerce and Management

Program Overview

Offered by: School of Research and Innovation

The PhD programme aims to equip the research scholar with the skills expected of a qualified researcher. It attempts to groom students into scientists who are able to conduct good, independent research responsibly and ethically. 

Through this programme, doctoral students will develop an understanding and critical appreciation of multi-disciplinary and alternative approaches, methodologies and paradigms of research in the fields of Economics, Commerce, Business and Management.  To achieve these skillsets, research scholars will demonstrate independent learning in the form of quality research projects. Through their project work, PhD scholars will enhance their knowledge and understanding of these fields, through the use of critical analysis and interpretation.

Areas of Study

This program is organized into various broad areas, each of which comprises several research groups listed below.

  • Economics
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Technology Management
  • General Management

Key Features of the PhD Program:

All PhD students from across different disciplines are taught research methodology in their first semester. Research methodology is a quantitative and analytically rigorous course through which scholars learn the tools and develop the skills they need. PhD students in their second semester will dive deeper into their respective domain areas. Upon successful completion of the first year of the research program, a student will be prepared and ready to begin research work in his/her area of specialization under the guidance of a recognized research supervisor.

CMR University offers an excellent environment for all research scholars. Distinguished faculties who have strong background and years of experience in research will guide students. Scholars in the program will find themselves learning alongside a talented, vibrant and diverse peer group.

Following completion of the programme, a candidate will be awarded the PhD degree. Upon graduation, he/she will be in a strong position to serve as a subject matter expert for national/international institutions, government or the private sector.


Program Duration

Three Years  (Six Semesters)

Program Type

The Ph.D programme is offered in the following categories.

  • Full Time Regular: Economics, Commerce, Management and Social Sciences
  • Part Time External: Economics, Commerce, Management and Social Sciences
  • Part Time External: Law, Education, Engineering & Technology, Sciences, Humanities and Interdisciplinary

Eligibility Criteria

For Indian Students

The candidate shall have completed post graduation/masters degree from any recognized University in the state or any other University in India or abroad as recognized by the CMRU Equivalence Committee. CMR University recognizes CA from The Institute 0f Chartered Accountants of India and CMA from The Institute of Cost Accountants of India for the purpose of registering for Ph.D.  in Commerce and other allied disciplines.

For International Students

Two years Master’s degree determined as equivalent and recognized by the CMRU Equivalence Committee. The candidate must have a valid educational visa. In some cases, the candidate will need to produce an equivalence certificate issued by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) Delhi.

Program Structure

The PhD coursework comprises 12 credits (3 courses) to be completed during the first three semesters of the programme. Over the course of the second half of the programme, students will deep-dive into research in their chosen topic area. Their study will culminate in a final thesis submission.

Research work (thesis) includes the following:

  • Affiliation to one or more (national/international) professional bodies
  • Publication(s) of scientific research papers in the chosen field
  • Participation and presentation of research papers in reputed national or international conferences
  • Reporting to the Doctoral Committee once a semester to present his/her progress and to take proper feedback and instructions towards successful completion of the intended research work.
  • Conduct of research project under a recognized research supervisor
  • Submission of thesis and defense (Viva-Voce)

On satisfactory completion of all the course requirements, a student will be awarded the PhD degree. The Ph.D. programme is governed by the CMRU Research Regulations.

Semester I

Course Code Name of the Course Credits

Research Methodology



Semester II

Course Code Name of the Course Credits

Creativity, Design Thinking and Innovation*


Discipline Specific (as applicable)





Program Delivery

Subject experts and resource persons teach classroom sessions. The teaching-learning process incorporates the use of interactive learning through hands-on assignments and experiential project work. Outside class hours, research scholars are supported by a group of experts who facilitate discussions to ensure that students are able to grasp research methods and the applications of domain-specific knowledge.


Learning Objectives

  • To enhance the ability to solve problems, and hone the relevant research skills
  • To develop an ability to think critically, and gain a wealth of scientific knowledge
  • To understand research activities and research methodology

Upon completion of the course, a student will be able to apply the basic aspects of the research process to independently plan and execute a research project / paper.

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